Love Island

Love Island's Grant may have found out about his breakup with Tayla on Instagram: "This is news to me?"

Well, this just got a whole lot more awkward!

Australia is reeling following news that Love Island's winning couple Grant Crapp, 22, and Tayla Damir, 21, have officially broken up just two weeks after declaring their undying love for one another and splitting the $50K prize money on the show's grand finale.
And it seems like Grant may be just as shocked by the news as everyone else.
Opening up about her decision to sensationally dump Grant, Tayla explained he was simply "too young" for her and trust issues ultimately got the better of them.
The trust issues could refer to new developments confirming Grant had been in a long-term relationship with personal trainer Lucy Cartwright right before entering the show, after previously claiming he had been single for two years.
Ahh, whoops?
It looks like this could have all been news to Grant, who, because we live in 2018, took to social media to air his confusion over the announcement.
"This is news to me," Grant posted under the breaking news update from Love Island Australia's official account.
Millie wasn't having any of his naivetés, and was quick to support Tayla saying: "Are you kidding me I was with Tayla last night and you were with the boys in a different hotel. Another lie and yet again you hurt Tayla even more."
And because there's no show without Punch, Teddy and Jaxon weighed in claiming they thought Tayla and Grant had still been together as of yesterday!
"Weren't you guys together yesterday?" Teddy asked.
Jaxon agreed, revealing that he talks to Grant "most days" and this was the first he'd heard of the breakup.
"I'm still so confused, someone fill me in?" Teddy comments again.
We can't help but stifle a giggle when Edyn joins in, saying "Tayla should have walked away with the money… just sayin".
What really happened? Who knows, but we have no doubt it will all come out very soon.
NTL attempted to contact Grant to confirm but he has been unreachable by phone since 9am.

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