Married At First Sight

Look at your own risk! Troy and Carly’s most loved-up moments

Is this what true love looks like?

It was the partner-swapping scandal that left their fellow Married At First Sight contestants shocked, and none more so than their ex-partners Ashley Irvin and Justin Fischer.
And though it's been mere hours since their relationship went public, MAFS' Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer want to let the world know all about it.
We've already been privy to the raunchy park photos that emerged of the pair last month, and now the couple are taking it even further.
In just a few hours, the couple have already proven to be more loved-up than the remaining participants combined, much to the dismay of literally everyone.
Beware: tongues ahead. So. Many. Tongues.

Troy and Carly’s most loved-up moments

Carly and Troy's Insta PDA
It took less than a day for Carly to remind the world of her relationship with Troy.
Tongues aside, the photos were captioned with a sweet: "You can't help who you fall for. Who knew what I was looking for was right under my nose this whole time."

Avert your eyes, kids!
Troy's sneaky Instagram change
In this day and age, the rule seems to be that it isn't official until it's Insta official. And Troy is following it to a tee!
Along with the cute snaps below, Troy's bio now includes Carly's initials, C.B. surrounded by hearts – adorable!

Carly and Troy in bed together
The official reveal of their surprise romance came with this unforgettable quote from Carly: "You're like a fuzzy bunny".
Troy's remarks about Carly's…tongue?
The 35-year-old became known for his gaffes during the show (he even said he'd date ex-'wife' Ashley's mum), but it's his latest comments that take the cake.
"She takes great care of herself, so her mouth's in great condition," he says, without a hint of irony.
"She's like, gifted with quite a very…I'd say, talented tongue," he adds. "She's got the rhythm, she knows what to do."
Troy's enthusiastic teeth brushing will go down in history.
Carly says Troy is her type
Before they took their relationship public, Carly admitted to TV WEEK she thinks he is hilarious, and isn't too bad on the eyes, either.
"Physically, Troy is my type," Carly says. "I do go for that preppy, private school-looking guy and Justin and I had a conversation about that."
Troy and Carly's plan to have kids together
The pair reveal that kids are certainly on the cards, though how many may be a future point of contention.
"If I was 25, I would say eight would be awesome," Troy laughs in an interview with TV WEEK.
"But six little rascals running around would be so much fun. I've got a history of twins in my family. Maybe I can get a couple of sets of triplets."
Carly, meanwhile, is hoping to keep her future family on the smaller side.
"I think three would be nice," she says.

So, how did Australia react to their romance? These hilarious tweets say it all:

Jokes aside, it seems like Australia really is cheering for the unlikely couple:
"When I watched the show last night, I actually thought I hadn't seen you smile throughout the whole show," Instagram user i_was_framed commented on one snap.
"The way you smile when you're with Troy...I wish you all the happiness in the world. So happy you've found love."
Another added: "Love that you found someone who will appreciate you for who you are, how you are and embrace your qwerky qualities. Wish you both the world of happiness ❤"
And we wish it too!