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MAFS bride Stacey Hampton's feud with Jessika Power gets nasty!

It's a battle of the blondes...

By Woman's Day team
As if coping with the dramas of her love-life playing out on TV isn't hard enough, Woman's Day has learned that mother-of-two Stacey Hampton has been forced to seek legal advice after falling victim to a personal attack from none other than former MAFS bride Jessika Power!
According to our source, Stacey was forced to reach out to a lawyer after she discovered a series of messages that revealed Jess planned to target the Adelaide-based bride.
In the texts, Jess revealed she was plotting to expose facts about Stacey's private life, including details about her, ex-fiance Shane and her two children.
What's more, Woman's Day has learned Jess has made contact with several participants from the 2020 season, encouraging the reality brides and grooms to divulge on the newlywed's former relationship!
Stacey's fellow brides were quick to notify her. Image: Channel Nine
Things are said to have turned sour when Jess made cruel remarks about Stacey's appearance, in a group chat, before she revealed she was intending to find out "dirt" about Stacey's ex.
Stacey is said to have been quickly tipped off by several of her co-stars, who say Jess was hellbent on uncovering information about Shane's misbehaviour's as a member of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang.
Sources insist Jess has been hellbent on revealing personal information about Stacey. Image: Channel Nine
In February 2019, Stacey's ex was convicted of assaulting two bouncers outside a nightclub in Bendigo in 2017.
And while, Jessika, 27, was quick to deny claims she was "trying to connect" with the dad-of-two, text messages unearthed by Woman's Day show the bold blonde certainly tried to make contact with him.
"The situation began when Jess started following Shane on Instagram," reveals the source. "He didn't think anything of it at the time, but when Stacey found out, she lost it!"
The insider says Stacey felt "extremely violated" as Shane's account was full of private photos that included images of the couple's two young children, which had not been shared publicly.
WATCH: Leaked video of Jessika Power and Telv Williams emerges. Story continues below...
"Stacey feels like Jess is completely obsessed with her and she doesn't understand why," says our source. "She was especially worried about her kids."
Stacey, Shane and their two sons Kosta and Kruz. Image: Supplied

Party boy Michael is out of control!

After a tumultuous honeymoon, Stacey and Michael Goonan appear determined to make things work.
But Woman's Day can reveal the groom might prove to be a bigger handful than Stacey's own toddlers!
It seems the business owner can't curb his partying ways, with a local revealing the groom, 29, was kicked out of a Darwin club after some rowdy behaviour during a recent appearance!
"We had one of the MAFS guys in here in our club tonight acting like a w--ker – he got kicked out," wrote a DJ before fans posted photos of him at the venue.
Bad behaviour: Will Stacey standby by her party boy groom? Image: Supplied

The truth about Stacey's age

Confused fans flocked online to question Stacey's age after the successful mother-of-two appeared on our screens last week.
"She looks 45, not 25... this can't be real!" questioned one harsh viewer. But Woman's Day can confirm the mother-of-two is certainly 26. In a leaked image, the reality star's passport reveals she was born in October 1993 and is a New Zealand national.
Don't let her sharp looks confuse you, Stacey is 26, and was 25 during filming. Image: Channel Nine

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