Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Michael and Stacey's honeymoon fight was way more explosive than the cameras showed

Plus, the clue that they never actually had sex afterwards.

By Alex Lilly
For a hot minute, we thought that the Married At First Sight experts got it right by pairing up Michael Goonan, 28, and Stacey Hampton, 26.
But on Tuesday night's honeymoon episode, it all came crashing down for the couple, when they became embroiled in a bitter fight but then went on to not only make up, but be the first couple to consummate their marriage.
So what exactly happened?
Things went sour for Stacey and Michael shortly after their chat at dinner. (Image: Nine Network)
In a raw moment, Stacey confessed to Michael on their Fiji honeymoon that despite being guarded, she just needs time to show her vulnerable side and that she wants to "bring the walls down."
But that sweet moment was short-lived, as Michael went out after their dinner and in his words, "got a little bit wasted and was a bit of a d--- to Stacey."
He added that he was "arrogant" and "a bit of an a--hole", which resulted in Stacey walking back to their hotel room by herself. And rather than apologising the next morning, Michael went for a run with one of the guys he met the previous night.
"I came back, tried to apologise and it was like 'Get away from me'. I can't blame her for that, I made a mistake and I've got to own it," Michael added, before Stacey remarked that he ignored her and was on his phone when she tried to talk to him.
Michael spent the night out drinking and confessed he was "arrogant" and "a bit of an a--hole" to Stacey. (Image: Nine Network)
"I was trying to explain to you what you actually did last night because you couldn't remember, you were ignoring me," Stacey said.
However according to a Daily Mail source, the fight was more explosive than we realised, and that Michael was badmouthing Stacey to anybody who would listen at the hotel bar.
"Stacey left him alone because he was drinking so much and she wanted an early night, and then he kept calling her a bimbo once she'd walked off," they said.
"He was also telling everybody how rich he is, how expensive his watch is, and how he doesn't need the show or Stacey."
The publication also revealed that other hotel bar patrons made complaints about Michael with the source adding: "Someone that was with him, who I think was a producer, had to step in after a guy called him a muppet or something."
Needless to say, Stacey was not impressed by Michael's antics. (Image: Nine Network)
But in a bizarre twist, it seemed that Stacey and Michael worked it out, so much so that they were the first couple to consummate their marriage. But did they really?
In a comment on a post by fan account MAFS Funny making fun of the situation, former contestant Nasser Sultan shared a telling insight that makes us think they didn't have sex at all.
"When ever you see them with clothes on, it means nothing happened and it was filmed in the day time," he wrote. "Don't forget that full face of makeup!"
WATCH BELOW: Nasser has a breakdown during home-stays. Post continues after video...
The intimate moment followed Stacey opening up about her father's tragic suicide and she added that the fact that she could be vulnerable and that he handled it well meant they could establish a physical connection.
"It's just so un-awkward after last night, it feels so real, it's gorgeous," Michael said the morning after.
"It was lovely," Stacey added.
Guess we'll have to stay tuned to see how these two go.
A full face of makeup and fully dressed: Did they really have sex? (Image: Nine Network)

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