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Lockdown is the perfect time to work on your MAFS audition tape - and we know what the producers want

Check out some of our favourites for inspiration.

By Alex Lilly
When it comes to Married At First Sight, we have seen an array of weird and wonderful characters grace our TV screens.
From brides who have undergone some jaw-dropping plastic surgery procedures, through to the chauvinists who've left us thinking, 'Did they really say that?', you have to have a certain je ne sais quois to be selected as a contestant.
Applications are now open for the 2021 season, and if you feel like throwing your hat in the ring, you need to know what the producers are looking for.
So without further ado, let's check out some of the show's most iconic stars and see which category you'd fall under, should you be chosen for the biggest social experiment in Australia.

The oddball

With every season, there's at least one contestant with some eyebrow-raising quirks.
From season 7 groom Ivan, who mispronounced his own name, through to Nasser from season five, who insisted that his bride have her toenails painted, these characters stand out from their first audition.
Top tip for being the oddball: Apply the no-filter rule. Have you been keeping that weird thought or fantasy in your head for too long? Let that out for the world to hear!
Ivan was described by the experts as a "very interesting character." (Image: Nine Network)

The sob story

A sob story is a must when it comes to reality television. After all, we all need that person to root for.
Take 2020 bride Connie for example - in her audition tape she frequently mentioned how she'd take herself out to restaurants and the movies by herself and how she "didn't want to be alone anymore." Cue the sad piano music and we've got ourselves a hero.
Top tip for being the sob story: Bring in a judgemental relative or friend to improve your case, and don't be afraid to let those tears flow.
Connie's audition was heartbreaking to watch. (Image: Nine Network)

The secretive one

Do you have a son in the UK whose children you still haven't met? Do you have a list of sexual partners that goes into triple digits? Then you're in this category.
If you've been holding on to something juicy, there's no better time to bring it up than on national television, and you can bet the producers will love to drop a bombshell on your wedding day or at a dinner party.
Top tip for being the secretive one: It doesn't even need to be something you think is scandalous, just reveal everything about your life. Sometimes the producers will bring the drama out themselves, so you don't have to lift a finger!
WATCH BELOW: Steve talks about his son in his audition. Post continues after video...

The not-so humble bragger

If you've ever said the phrase "I like the finer things in life," we think this could be your destiny.
Real estate agents tend to get lumped into this category, along with anyone who owns a fast car, designer handbag or thinks they're as ridiculously good-looking as Zoolander.
Top tip for being the not-so humble bragger: Like the oddball, don't hold back. You know what they say - if you've got it, flaunt it!
Oh Michael. (Image: Nine Network)

The mother hen

When you get a group as chaotic as this, there needs to be a voice of reason thrown in, and they're pretty easy to spot.
Like Jules from season six and Mishel from season seven, these ladies are more mature and measured than their co-stars and aren't usually the ones involved when drinks go flying and cheating scandals crop up.
Top tip for being the mother hen: Stay calm, cool and collected. You can still have fun, but reinforce that you're "here for the right reasons."
Mishel has been the mum of the season seven gang. (Image: Nine Network)

The class clown

Who doesn't love a lovable larrikin? After all, some comic relief is a much-needed detail.
Guys like season six's Ryan and season seven's Josh love a few beers with the boys and pulling a little prank, but struth they're here to find the one.
Top tip for being the class clown: Look, we're not going to beat around the bush. It really helps if you're good-looking.
Josh wasn't afraid to crack a few jokes in his video interview. (Image: Nine Network)

The Jessika Power

Yes, this blonde bombshell gets her own category named after her.
Big hair, big lips, big boobs and the attitude to match - this lady is not here to mess around. Like the sob story, she's had a troubled past, but unlike the sob story, she's not going to shrink into the background. She's one of the season's stars.
Top tip for being the Jessika Power: Know what you want and make sure you have plenty of clapbacks for any trolls and haters.
Jessika Power confessed she's a very confident person and not one to get jealous in her audition. (Image: Nine Network)

The one that's not afraid to pick a fight

It wouldn't be MAFS without a good old fashioned fight, and if you're known for your volume, this could be the character for you.
Think season six's Cyrell or season seven's Hayley for inspiration, as these contestants won't ever be the victim and will come for you with a good catchphrase (King Dingaling) or a glass of red wine.
Top tip for being the one that's not afraid to pick a fight: Remind people how loyal you are and that you'll throw down for the ones you love as well as yourself.
Cyclone Cyrell was unforgettable on season six. (Image: Nine Network)

The self-proclaimed Alpha

Last but certainly not least, you've got to have this guy.
If you're a bloke who believes in "traditional values" and thinks that women should behave a certain way, that will definitely peak the producers' interests. But be warned, you're not going to make many friends if you go down this road.
Top tip for being the self-proclaimed Alpha: Don't be afraid to tell people you've cheated, but that you'd absolutely hit the roof if your own wife cheated on you.
Dean Wells said in his audition tape that he'd expect a girly girl who knows that "he's the man" and that he's in charge. (Image: Nine Network)

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