Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS bride Natasha Spencer reveals the show sent her into a dark mental health spiral

''Some days I can't even get out of bed!''

By Emma Shepherd
Married at First Sight's Natasha Spencer has opened up to NW about the dangers of appearing on reality TV, how she's dealt with anxiety post-production and the steps she currently takes in order to overcome these dark days.
"I'm really struggling with my anxiety. It's through the roof, still, even after months since filming," Natasha, 26, admits.
"It's given me major social anxiety because I'm worried people are judging me on the character that I'm being portrayed as being on the show and the edit I was given."
That's not all – the financial analyst says some days she struggled so bad that she hasn't even been able to leave the house.
"I had a really horrible week where I had such bad anxiety I didn't want to get out of bed. It happened straight after we stopped filming and again just two weeks ago!"
But despite having her down days, Natasha says she's learned to take the good with the bad and that overcoming an eating disorder has helped her moved forwards on her mental health journey.
How does she deal with online trolls? "I answer all the mean things people say and I shower them with love. I'll say, 'I hope you find happiness in your day rather than spend it saying mean things to people,'" she tells NW. Source: Nine
"Just having friends and family there to be such a strong support system for me is so beneficial for me," Nat says. Source: Nine
"Part of me getting over that was me doing things that were good for my body," Nat, says.
"I wasn't going to the gym because I'd get too anxious and I'd check my phone too much, so I started going for walks and putting my phone on aeroplane mode or going and getting a massage, just looking after myself internally and externally."
In light of the TV star's personal experience, Natasha caught up with The Amazing Race Australia's Nick Evbuomwan and Femi Ogunsiji on their Uncovered with Nick and Femi podcast to share some of her deeper trauma in an interview with the two mental health nurses.
Natasha with The Amazing Race Australia's Nick and Femi. She uncovered some of her deeper trauma during a segment on their their new podcast Uncovered with Nick and Femi. Source: Maven PR
Speaking of her previous relationship, she unveiled a dark truth that she's held onto for years.
"When I was 22, I was engaged… I was in an incredibly abusive relationship, both physically and emotionally… It went on for three years; by the time I got out I was so damaged..." she revealed.
"Every time I tried to pull back something would happen and I would think, oh my god, I need him back and I think I just wasn't confident enough to be on my own.
"I went back to my parents' house, started re-associating myself with all my friends, because I had withdrawn from all my friends… just doing small steps to get back to my life before."
WATCH BELOW: Natasha storms out of the dinner party. Story continues after video.
And after she was forced to defend a "horrible rumour" that she slept with her MAFS groom Mikey's father, and the fallout from her sex tape, Natasha is looking to put the negative drama from the show behind her.
"I knew there would be interest in my personal life, but this has gone too far," she said.
If you or anyone you know is looking for support, visit lifeline.org.au or call 13 43 57. In the event of an emergency, always dial 000.

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