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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Natasha slams the "horrible rumour" that she hooked up with Mikey's dad

''It's not fair to bring Mikey's family members into these unfounded stories.''

By Alex Lilly
They parted on good terms at their final commitment ceremony, but drama just keeps piling up for Married At First Sight's Natasha and Mikey.
The reality TV couple are now caught up in a rumour that Natasha hooked up with Mikey's dad, which was allegedly started by Natasha and fellow bride Stacey Hampton.
However, Natasha has now told Now To Love that the rumour is "completely untrue" and expressed her sympathy to the Pembroke family.
Natasha and Mikey left the experiment on good terms. (Image: Nine Network)
"The accusation that I slept with Mikey's dad is completely untrue," Natasha tells Now To Love. "I cannot believe that anyone would start such a horrible rumour."
The MAFS bride went on to say, "The only times I've met Mr Pembroke was on the show during the wedding and on parents day."
"I'd ask that the media please respect the Pembroke family and stop spreading this vile and inappropriate gossip. It's not fair to bring Mikey's family members into these unfounded stories."
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Mikey addressed the situation on Fitzy and Wippa's radio show, saying that the rumour popped up during filming of the reunion and that Natasha and Stacey started the rumour as they weren't friends during the show.
"This is peak season for throwing people under the bus, and obviously they've come together and it looks like they've come up with this story," he said on the air.
The MAFS groom went on to deny his father had any sort of relationship with Natasha.
"I know for 100 per cent certainty that he would never and has never slept with Natasha or texted her or done anything like that," he said.
"He's not happy about it, he's like, 'Why am I getting thrown into this stuff?' He didn't want me to go on the show on the first place. He'd never do something like that (sleep with Natasha), it's so far-fetched – they'd never even caught up outside the show."
Mikey said he knows with "100 per cent certainty" that nothing happened between his dad and Natasha. (Image: Instagram @mikeypembroke)
In an exclusive video obtained by Woman's Day, Stacey slammed Mikey after it was rumoured that she cheated with him and came to Natasha's defence.
"I'm sorry Mikey, but you know what, the way you spoke about Natasha and telling everyone that she slept with your father is disgusting. She is a human being with feelings and you know what she's hurting, we're all hurting," she confessed.
Mikey says Natasha and Stacey made up the dad rumour. (Images: Nine Network)

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