House Rules

House Rules fans are not happy about David and Chiara's elimination

And many think another couple should've packed their bags.

By Alex Lilly
The House Rules final draws ever closer, but last night's elimination had some fans thinking the wrong couple went home.
Western Australian husband and wife David and Chiara Clarson left the competition with a final score of 20 out of 30 meaning Mel and Dave and Toad and Mandy will battle it out in the grand finale.
However, fans are not too happy about this elimination and are saying Mel and Dave should've been the ones to pack their bags due to their scheming and sneaky behaviour on the show. Take a look at what some viewers had to say.
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Even NSW dairy farmers Toad and Mandy have had some words to say on their fellow finalists' behaviour.
During the renovation of widowed mum Chelsea Dunley's home, Mel stuck a note on Chelsea's vanity, claiming it as her own, and Toad and Mandy were far from impressed.
"The little note on the vanity was quite shocking," Mandy, 28, told TV WEEK. "I think that was just very pushy and greedy."
"We can't believe they can get away with it," she added.
Toad, 33, added, "We probably play it a little bit fairer."
Mel, 33, and Dave, 34, admit it hasn't been easy to watch themselves on the show, and even labelled it "cringewothy."
Speaking to TV WEEK, Mel said, "Dave and I are very competitive. I think it does come across as arrogant, but we're not arrogant people.
"We went in wanting to win and that was the only thing we wanted to do – win."
Though Mel made it clear that she and Dave don't gel well with their former competitors, Chiara and David.
"We don't hate them," Mel says. "We just don't get along."
Will Mel and Dave take the title of House Rules champions?
Chiara and Dave admitted that they are struggling with debt and would've greatly appreciated the prize money, but say their experience was very positive. In fact, they say that support they've been getting on social media has been "out of this world".
"It's all love, love love love. That to me is amazing, especially considering people were a bit unsure of us in the early days," says Chiara, 32.
The couple, who are parents of three, even admitted that being on House Rules made them clucky!
"I said to Chiara, 'Maybe we should have another one. Ellie Mae's getting older,'" says David, 38.
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