House Rules

Chiara and David reveal filming House Rules made them clucky

'We got clucky!'

Perth couple Chiara and David already have three kids, but while filming House Rules they talked about having another. Missing their children almost let to the couple adding to their brood.
"I got a bit clucky," Chiara, 32, admits. "I think it was just because I was missing them.
"You look through old photos on your phone and you remember what they were like when they were just babies."
David, 38, says he was the one who suggested having a sibling for Seth, eight, Taya, six, and Ellie Mae, three.
"I said to Chiara, 'Maybe we should have another one. Ellie Mae's getting older.'"
Chiara and David with their children.
However, Chiara says they changed their minds when filming finished and they got back to normal life.
"Yeah, no," she laughs, adding that it wouldn't have been easy.
"I've had my tubes tied," Chiara explains.

The couple didn't have much time to talk babies during the "give back" round – especially working with the "cutthroat" Mel and Dave.
"They'd do anything to put you off," David declares.
The two teams have clashed several times over the course of this season, and they continue to butt heads as the only remaining couples alongside Toad and Mandy.

However, in this week's episodes Chiara and David were not the only ones struggling to get along with Mel and Dave.
During the 'give back' round, the final three teams are renovating the Wollongong home of widowed mum Chelsea.
Mel stuck a note on Chelsea's vanity and claimed it as her own, sparking her first fight with Toad and Mandy.
"The little note on the vanity was quite shocking," Mandy, 28, says. "I think that was just very pushy and greedy."
"We can't believe they can get away with it," she continues.
Meanwhile Toad, 33, says he and Mandy play the game 'a little bit fairer.'
The three teams will face-off in tonight's episode, where one team will be eliminated from the competition after the judges give their feedback on their latest renovation.
House Rules final elimination episode airs Tuesday July 24 at at 7:30pm on Channel Seven. The finale is due to air on Monday July 30 at 7:30pm.

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