House Rules

House Rules’ Toad and Mandy are shocked by Mel and Dave’s next move

‘They were greedy and pushy!’

Mandy and Toad have slammed Mel and Dave's behaviour during the House Rules "give back" round. But they say the Queensland pair are still welcome at their upcoming wedding.
As this week's episodes begin, the final three teams are renovating the Wollongong, NSW, home of widowed mum Chelsea.
Mel stuck a note on Chelsea's vanity, claiming it as hers, sparking a clash with Mandy and Toad. It was the first time the NSW dairy farmers had butted heads with anyone in the competition.
"The little note on the vanity was quite shocking," Mandy, 28, tells TV WEEK. "I think that was just very pushy and greedy."
She says Mel and Dave's "sneaky little ways" are beyond how she and Toad would behave.
Toad and Mandy think Mel and Dave went too far.
"We can't believe they can get away with it," she says.
Toad, 33, says Mel and Dave play the game differently to how he and Mandy do.
"We probably play it a little bit fairer," he declares.
Despite their clashes, Mandy and Toad are still planning to invite them to their wedding in NSW.
The ceremony will be at a church in Toad's home town of Candelo, and the reception in Eden, which is Mandy's home town.
"We would invite all the teams and Joh [Griggs] and a lot of the cameramen and soundos [sound engineers]," Mandy explains.
But Toad plans to seat Mel and Dave near the teams they clashed with most."I'd sit them down next to Chiara and David and Leigh and Kristie!" he laughs.

Toad and Mandy have been engaged since January 2016, though they wanted to have children before their wedding.
"It was a bit of a joke," Mandy remembers. "I'd say, 'Put a ring on it,' and he'd say, 'Give me a kid.' We had this little bartering system."
"The day he proposed was so exciting," Mandy recalls. "But I remember thinking that night, 'Holy s**t, now I've got to go off the pill!' Two weeks later, I was pregnant."
The pair haven't set a date yet, though they're thinking the big day will be held in September when their twins, Lenny and Layla, have turned two.

House Rules airs Monday and Tuesday, 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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