House Rules

House Rules' David and Chiara's most loved-up moments

The fiery couple have had some ups and downs on their journey but have always remained in love.

By Alex Lilly
They've made it to the final three of House Rules, but can David and Chiara go all the way?
The couple from Western Australia are giving back by making over widow Chelsea Dunley's home, but after David's arm was injured during the renovation, it could be their downfall. Nevertheless, despite their fiery arguments, these two have shown that they are a team and a very loved-up one at that.
Take a look at some of their cutest moments.
The look of love!
The couple, who met in 2007 have made a happy family of five, but David didn't have the easiest start in life.
Opening up to a local publication, David revealed he lived in a youth refuge when he was young.
But when he met Chiara, David admits it was love at first sight.
David and Chiara now have three children, Seth, eight, Taya, six, and Ellie Mae, three, but Chiara recently opened up about her struggles with postnatal depression and urged those suffering to get help.
The couple have made it through to the final three of House Rules 2018.
And they're a team with other sorts of makeovers too!

Though the couple have had their fair share of squabbles.
Speaking to TV WEEK, David and Chiara revealed how their children have probably seen them in a different light after watching them on House Rules.
"Chiara and I never blow up in front of our kids," David, 38, says. "This might be a bit of an eye-opener for them."
"I think they're missing us so much, they're loving being able to have a bit of us with them," Chiara, 32, adds.
"David and I do struggle and do fight. I'm the first to own that. We definitely seek help along the way, because we've had a lot of rocky road."
"We were told by a counsellor that we're explosive," Chiara said on House Rules.
"We fight hard, love big."
"Love my beautiful wife so much she is my everything."
At the triple elimination, there were plenty of tears. But David was there as a shoulder for his wife to cry on.
"We fight hard and love big."