House Rules

EXCLUSIVE: House Rules' David and Chiara reveal money worries after missing out on the grand finale

'We are just drowning in debt right now'

By Helen Vnuk
David and Chiara have been eliminated from House Rules, leaving Queensland's Mel and Dave and NSW's Mandy and Toad in the grand final. Now the WA couple find themselves facing "a mountain of debt".
"Yes, you walk away with your house fully renovated," Chiara, 32, tells TV WEEK. "But unless you win any sort of money, the financials stay the same.
"Buying our first home, having a credit card refinanced, a car loan, this and that… we are just drowning in debt right now."
Chiara and David with their children.
Adding to the couple's financial woes, David gave up his fly-in-fly-out job to go on House Rules.
"FIFO jobs in Perth at the job at the moment are few and far between," Chiara explains. "We have to start life all over again, and that's not going to be fun. But we fall and we rise. That's what we do. We've done that many, many times in our relationship."
There are positives to having gone on the show. Chiara says the support they've been getting on social media has been "out of this world".
"lt's all love, love love love. That to me is amazing, especially considering people were a bit unsure of us in the early days."
Chiara and David were eliminated from the competition in an emotional episode.
The couple have also had a "massive response" to David going public about his ADHD diagnosis.
"I've had people actually reach out to me to say they went and got themselves tested because they could see similarities," David, 38, says.
"People have said that if it wasn't for me they wouldn't have gone and got tested."
The parents of three have also learnt a greater appreciation for each other by going on the show.
"Even if I rant and rave and carry on like a pork chop, I know David's still got my back," Chiara says.

House Rules finale airs Monday 30 July at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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