Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife: Which ladies do the farmers find love with?

Time to ride off into the sunset.

By Maddison Hockey
When The Farmer Wants A Wife returned to our screens this year, the wholesome dating show promised to bring "real love" back to our reality viewing.
It hasn't been without its drama, however.
As Farmers Neil, Sam, Alex, Harry and Nick embarked on their search for love there was plenty of reject and heartbreak, shock walkouts, scandalous cheating accusations and family tragedy.
We even saw one lad, farmer Sam, leave the show for good in the wake of his grandfather's passing.
Now, the time has come to see if the show did indeed work its country love magic and find our favourite farmers the woman of his dreams.
We look at which lucky ladies our country blokes chose to keep on the farm and pursue a relationship with.
Which lucky ladies found love with these farmers? (Channel Seven)

Farmer Sam

Our hearts broke for tropical fruit farmer Sam when he suffered tragic blow after blow on the show.
Failing to find a connection with any of his ladies and following the heartbreaking news of his grandfather's passing, Sam chose to leave the show.
But, it may not be over for Sam who teased some BIG news in a cryptic post.
"I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make next week on here so stayed tuned! Hint. I am the happiest I have ever been!" he wrote in an Instagram post following his departure on screen.
Sam's hinted at some big news, soon to be announced. (Instagram)

Farmer Harry

Harry was left devastated and betrayed after learning part-way through the series one of his frontrunners, Karlana, was accused of having feelings for a producer on the show.
Nevertheless, Harry managed to move forward with Madie and Stacey.
After a rocky start with Madie, who chose to leave the show before then realising her mistake and returning, can Harry truly forgive and forget?
Adding to speculation Harry may pick Stacey over Madison, the blonde 24-year-old has been posting on Instagram mostly from her QLD home.
As it turns out, the subtle clues were true.
Still seemingly torn between Madie and Stacey, the decision came down to the wire for Harry. But, ultimately it was brunette country girl Stacey who won over his heart.
Harry was torn between Stacey and Madie. (Instagram)

Farmer Alex

Farmer Alex has had his hands full with outspoken Henrietta and vivacious Jess.
Alex struggled to move past Henrietta's previous outburst, when the 31-year-old revealed she felt Alex hadn't opened up to anyone.
Could it push the farmer further towards Jess?
Alex and Jess shared an epic first kiss on the farm. (Channel Seven)

Farmer Neil

It feels as though farmer Neil has been torn between Karissa and Justine, back-and-forth, for the entire season.
Looking to the trio's Instagram pages affectionate posts from both Neil and Justine may be a hint that it's the eyelash technician who wins over the farmer's heart.
"Cannot put into words how I felt at this time," Neil recently wrote with a picture of Justine and the hashtag 'just wanted to kiss her'.
Fans were also convinced they heard Justine's voice in a recent video on Neil's farm (watch below).
And, they were right!
Justine confirmed to TV WEEK that she and Neil were still happily together after the show, too!
"When Neil chose me, I felt so happy, as it confirmed the genuine feelings we developed over the weeks as we got to know each other."
"I felt relieved that we didn't have to hide our feelings anymore and could continue on the next part of our journey together."
Was this post a subtle hint at who Neil chose? (Instagram)

Farmer Nick

If there's one farmer we haven't been able to get a read on, it's farmer Nick.
Coming down to Naomi and Liz it was anyone's guess who the Tasmanian farmer would choose.
Just as fans thought Nick was going to friend-zone Liz, calling her an "old friend" he turned his final speech around in a twist we didn't see coming.
"I didn't come into this situation looking for a friend, but I feel like that's is what I got," Nick began.
"I love that you love my terrible jokes, and you have the same awful jokes, that I love.
You really are a beautiful, beautiful angel and I want to be more than friends," he finally confirmed.
Farmer Nick is a tough nut to crack. (Channel Seven)