Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Family tragedy leads one Farmer Wants A Wife farmer to quit the show for good

Which of the men says goodbye?

By Helen Vnuk
One of the five farmers is set to leave Farmer Wants A Wife this week – and it's for the saddest of reasons. He receives a phone call from his mother, telling him a family member has passed away suddenly.
"It was really unexpected," the farmer reveals to TV WEEK. "It was really hard, because you're dealing with a lot of emotions from the show and are stressed out – and then, boom."
Which farmer walks? (Channel Seven)
He says the family member who died would have wanted him to stay on the show and keep looking for love, but he didn't know if he could continue.
"Part of me was like, 'I just can't, because I just don't think I can be myself,'" he explains. "I didn't think I could give the girls 100 per cent."
Then, one of the girls drops a bombshell herself: she wants to go home because she hasn't developed romantic feelings for him.
"She was my ideal girl and I felt comfortable I was going to pick her," the farmer says. "It was very, very heartbreaking, like smashing a nail into a plank of wood with a hammer until it breaks.
The cast won't be the same without one of their farmers. (Instagram)
"Far out! That was the worst day of my life. Having to deal with that, and the cameras are rolling, and you're thinking about your family…
"I just couldn't deal with any more bad news. I was just like, 'I want to go home. I want to be with my family right now.'"
Months down the track, the farmer says he's doing "all right" and believes he will find love one day.
"Someone will come along," he says. "When something bad happens, something good's got to come for you."
So would he return on a future season of Farmer Wants a Wife?
"If they couldn't find anybody, maybe I'd think about it," he says.

Justine reveals: “I resented Neil a lot”

Last week, Justine was at the centre of a furious argument on Farmer Wants A Wife.
Now, she's admitted she struggled with the whole idea of the show.
"At times, I'd get really angry at myself for even going there," she explains to TV WEEK. "I was like, 'What am I doing?' If someone showed more interest in another woman over you in a different situation, you wouldn't put up with it."
Justine walked away from Neil at the country ball. (Channel Seven)
The Queensland eyelash technician, who was vying for the heart of NSW farmer Neil, hadn't watched an episode of the show before applying.
But she says the other girls, especially Karissa, shared her frustrations about the farmer.
"He began by being 'Neutral Neil' and wouldn't show any of us any affection," she says. "Then, when he did show us affection, we'd all get cranky at the girl and at him.
"I found myself resenting him a lot, because I felt like he almost had the upper hand."
Justine didn't handle the Neil's affections for the other women. (Channel Seven)
Justine, 36, reveals that on the night of the argument at the B&S ball, she tricked Neil by saying she'd seen him kissing someone.
"I didn't actually see anything," she confesses.
"I just wanted to see if he'd admit it, and he told me he'd kissed Karissa."
The mum-of-two left her children – Billy, eight, and Naomi, six – with her ex-husband to go on Farmer. Happily, the kids didn't miss her too much.
"I brought it up with them, and I'm having all this mum guilt, but they're like, 'I don't remember that,'" she says. "They don't actually even remember me being gone now."

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