Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife's Sam breaks his silence after shock exit with a cryptic clue about his new life outside of the show

It's the first time Sam has spoken since his unexpected departure from the show aired two days ago.

By Jess Pullar
When Farmer Sam quit Farmer Wants a Wife on Sunday night, it would be safe to say Australians the country over took a collective deep breath in - very dramatically so.
The Queensland-based farmer caused quite the scene when heartbreaking news of a family death, combined with the fact he hadn't managed to form a strong enough romantic connection to any of the women, meant he would walk away from the show for good.
But while he may not be appearing on our screens anymore, he's no less front and centre of our news feeds - he himself has seen to that.
On Tuesday morning, a full two evenings after his explosive exit episode aired, Sam broke his silence on Instagram, sharing a lengthy caption alongside a bright smiling picture of himself.
"Hey everyone I'm not a big fan of posting sad photos as that's all I seem to have from the show," he began.
Adding that he was grateful for the many messages of condolence he received following the death of his grandfather, he continued: "It was hard watching that on tv on Sunday, a shame they edited so much out but I am glad and happy the show is over."
"Since the show was filmed months ago I have been getting back on track and life has been looking great for me lately and my future is looking amazing."
Farmer Sam (centre) has given fans an update on where he's at post-filming. (Instagram)
He then dropped a cryptic hint about another update he apparently has.
"I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make next week on here so stayed tuned! Hint. I am the happiest I have ever been!"
While we can't know for sure, this surely screams new romantic partner?!

Fans flocked the comments section of Sam's post, sharing their praise and support for the way he has dealt with everything.
"Good luck Sam. Whatever ur wonderful news is," wrote one.
"You were the most genuine guy out of all of them, gave each girl the same amount of interest/time to get to know them and just an all round down to earth guy! You were great to watch. Sounds like you've found the love you deserve! Good on you Sam!" Another wrote.
The Queensland farmer has garnered himself quite the fan base. (Instagram)
Sam's scenes weren't easy to watch for anyone, to be completely fair (when is watching heart break comfortable, though?) - but none were harder than seeing his front-runner, 28-year-old Sophie Pereira tell him she just wasn't feeling it.
"I wish that it wasn't the case, but you told me that you'd fallen in love with me and I haven't fallen for you," she said to him.
"I'm sorry, I feel sick and I've been thinking about this for days. There's nothing I can say. I could never have imagined in a million years that I would be hurting you, but I think I should go home and I'd like to go home," she said.
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The news obviously didn't go down well for Sam. In fact, after his exit he spoke to The Daily Telegraph, admitting that he didn't think some of the women were there for the right reasons or intentions.
"I just didn't feel like farm life was suited for Emily, Sophie and Kirsten. At the beginning of the show, Kirsten said she wasn't planning to leave her job anytime soon and I thought to myself, 'It's Farmer Wants A Wife, not Farmer packs up his bags and heads to Newcastle."
Kirsten later responded to Sam's statement, sharing it to her Instagram story and adding: "That's no reason to create untruths about us."
"I never, ever, said that I wasn't prepared to leave my job or move from Newcastle. I just didn't feel anything for him and did the right thing by being upfront with him at an early stage."