Farmer Wants a Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants A Wife’s Justine and Neil: ‘The truth about us’

''I applied as a bit of a joke.''

It was an emotional moment when farmer Neil and Justine declared their feelings for each other on Farmer Wants A Wife.
"When Neil chose me, I felt so happy, as it confirmed the genuine feelings we developed over the weeks as we got to know each other," Justine, 36, tells TV WEEK.
"It made me feel even stronger feelings towards him after hearing his speech to me.
"I felt relieved that we didn't have to hide our feelings anymore and could continue on the next part of our journey together."
Neil found love with Justine. (Channel Seven)
But Justine reveals she was surprised to make it onto the reality show at all, let alone find a life partner on it.
"I applied as a bit of a joke," the Queensland eyelash technician says. "You had to submit a video… I think I was in my pyjamas and I chucked a denim jacket over them."
She chose Neil – a merino farmer from Crookwell in NSW – even though they didn't have the same taste in things such as music, because he seemed "genuine" in his video.
She says she didn't expect to feel the attraction she did when she met him in person.
"It was all a bit funny at the start, and then you get there and are like, 'OK, I'm feeling real feelings. I'm having emotions for this person I didn't expect to have.'"
Justine says her "genuine feelings" for Neil were the reason she got so angry with him at the ball, when he kissed Karissa.
"I didn't want to just waste that," she explains.
It's happily ever after for the couple. (Channel Seven)
Although she fought with Karissa that night, Justine's bond with her remained strong.
"We're like sisters the way we get along – the way we fight and the way we kiss and make up," she says.
Off camera, Justine says she, Karissa and Neil would hang out together and just enjoy each other's company, while Megan would stay in her room.
"Megan liked to do her own thing," she says.
It was difficult being on the farm with two other women. (Channel Seven)
Does she think Neil should have sent Megan home earlier?
"Straight out, yes," she declares.
After spending time on Neil's property, Justine says she could "definitely" imagine herself living there with her children Billy, eight, and Naomi, six.
"There are dams and endless stuff for kids to do," she says. "There's so much appeal for relocating there with children."

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