Bachelor in Paradise

Jarrod Woodgate outs ex-girlfriend Keira Maguire for indulging in the ultimate break-up faux pas

We've all been there.

By Jess Pullar
The only thing worse than the torment of a break up is the inner-torment related to the heart-wrenching moment of having to log out of your ex-partner's Netflix account.
That's why it's not the biggest surprise to learn that some people like to delay this task a little longer than might be socially acceptable...
Familiar with Keira Maguire? It looks like she's straight-up guilty of this.
Yep, in the outing that's made social media exhale a collective "ooft", the Bachelor in Paradise star was called out by her ex Jarrod Woodgate on Instagram last night for the ultimate break up faux pas.
More than a year after they split up, Jarrod shared a sneaky tip to his Instagram story.
"If you think your Netflix account is getting hacked by Russian spies, because it keeps saying 'continue watching' on shows you've never seen... change your password," he surreptitiously wrote.
In the next image, he shared a private message from Keira's new boyfriend, Love Island alum Matthew Zukowski.
Jarrod continued: "Because it could be the ex you broke up with over a year ago and her boyfriend using your account. WTAF."
Awkward... (Instagram)
Yep, Matt had confirmed Jarrod's suspicions by writing: "Hey mate, hope you're well! Just wondering if you could check where The Last Dance is up to on your Netflix account as we are watching it and we have forgotten where we are up to. Cheers brother."
It remains to be said, The Last Dance is a great pick from the pair, so we'll at least give them that.
The pair went public with their relationship last month when Keira confirmed in another Instagram story that she "didn't need the show to find love".
Keira and Matt went public with their relationship last month. (Instagram)
Instagram fan account @BachieFunny shared the hilarious outing from Jarrod to its own following, with hundreds taking to the comment section to discuss the hilarity of it all.
"The audacity," wrote one alongside a number of cry laughing emojis.
"OMFG you couldn't script that," said another.
A number of "dying" and multiple extra cry laughing comments with people tagging their friends also proved that the awkward faux pas was, in fact, all too relatable.

Jarrod recently opened up about the beef from his break up with Keira, telling the So Dramatic podcast that they weren't friends, despite there being "no feud" between them now.
Meanwhile, Keira opened up to TV WEEK about Jarrod, explaining: "I had anxiety about it."
"I haven't seen him since the break-up and we definitely don't talk. It would be full-on, intense, overwhelming and uncomfortable for everyone."
But it looks like both halves of the split have since found happiness elsewhere. While Keira remains loved-up with Matt, Jarrod has confirmed his relationship with another Bachelor star, Sam Royce, who featured on Matt Agnew's season last year.
Jarrod is now in a relationship with another Bachie alum. (Instagram)