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Through six seasons, six continents and 36 countries, the Travel Guides have shown us the world. They’ve been soaked, poked, wined and dined, and generally had experiences the rest of us could only imagine… but what was their favourite trip?

That’s the big question.

The Fren family from left: Jonathon, Victoria, Cathy and Mark.

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“For a trip to impress us, it has to surprise and delight, and Israel did that in spades,” Kevin, watching back through clips of his memorable journeys with partner Janetta, says.

“How good is Japan?” Cathy Fren asks when her family rewatches their trip to Tokyo, giggling along (as usual) when dad Mark tries desperately to find a girlfriend for son Jono.

“Mauritius!” cowgirl Stack says when she and twin sister Mel review their time on the Indian Ocean island.

Couple Kevin and Janetta prefer their travel five-star.

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“It was our 30th birthday – we went to the races, put on pretty dresses we bought from the Op Shop!”

Clearly, every place they’ve been has left an impression, but when they have to rate the best culture, accommodation, food and experiences to come up with the one place they’ve loved most, things get tricky.

For some, like Victoria Fren, the accommodation can be a huge part of how much she loves somewhere. “I’m not leaving the hotel!” she declares as she looks over the uber-luxe resort she visits in Greece.

For others, it’s about what you do.

Stack and Mel won’t be returning to the show next year.

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“We like to put our money into experiences, instead of where you stay,” Stack says.

And for all the Guides, it’s about how much fun they got to have.

“I got to watch Kevin dangle naked off the side of a boat!” a delighted Teng recalls of his time in Queensland’s Whitsundays with his mates Dorian and Kev.

So, what was the ultimate destination? As usual, the teams can’t agree, but their choices will fill bucket lists around the country.

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