Rumer Willis is dancing her way onto Broadway to play Chicago’s Roxie Hart

She is the reigning Dancing Queen and now Rumer Willis is cha-cha-chaing her way onto one of Broadway’s most iconic musicals, Chicago as the infamously fabulous Roxie Hart.

She is the reigning Dancing Queen and now Rumer Willis is cha-cha-chaing her way onto one of Broadway’s most iconic musicals, Chicago as the infamously fabulous Roxie Hart.

The eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis wowed audiences when she won the American version of Dancing with the Stars.

The 26-year-old will make her Broadway debut in the long-running show at New York City’s Ambassador Theatre on August 18th.

Taking to Instagram, the twinkle toes expressed her delight by sharing the official promo shoot for the musical.

“Could not be more excited to be making my Broadway debut as Roxie in @chicagomusical,” she captioned the image.

Roxie Hart is the lovable vixen who stands trial in Chicago for the murder of her lover. She is shown in contrast to vaudeville singer Velma Kelly, who is also facing murder charges of her own.

The femme-fatale was famously brought to life in 2002 on the silver screen by Renee Zellweger – which led to her receiving multiple award nods including an Oscar nomination.

In celebration of Rumer jazzing up the stage, we look back at the long line of Roxie Harts played by a celebrity!

The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be Rumer Willis. The 26-year-old has been announced as the new Roxie Hart on Broadway’s CHICAGO.

The Dancing with the Stars winner is the perfect choice for the musical femme-fatale as she rumbas her way into the iconic role with ease. Plus she is the consummate professional – despite hurting her leg on the national DWTS tour, she continued on with the show to the best of her ability. What a pro!

Roxie Hart has been brought to life on the stage by many, but most famously was the silver screen portrayal by Renee Zellweger in 2002. Her seductive performance earned a whole lotta jazz hands, award nominations and even an Oscar nod! At the time when asked to do the role, the actress admitted she was scared but she decided to take a risk. “I must have been a fool, but I bought into it!”

The on-stage murderous heroine flame has been passed on by singer Brandy Norwood. The 36-year-old took on the role earlier in the year described the experience as: “My life is reawakened!”

Rita Wilson played the role in 2006. “I’m a big believer in being scared to death because you can really grow when you’re put in a circumstance where you’re deeply challenged. I felt that way when I did Chicago on Broadway.”

Michelle Williams brought to life the independent woman on the Broadway stage in 2010 after first playing Roxie in London’s West End. Making history, the former Destiny’s Child member was the first African-American actor to be cast in the British production.

What a model act! Christie Brinkley portrayed Roxie back in 2011. Before her first performance she famously said: “I’ve been a boxing photographer for Don King, I’ve traveled with a rock band, climbed the Himalayas with my son and chanted with the monks under the stars. I’ve been a cutting-horse champion and a delegate for the 1st Congressional District of New York …I love to fill my life with adventures, and this is my Broadway adventure!”

The multi-talented Brooke Shields was breathtaking as Roxie in 2004. Nearly a decade later in 2013, Brooke debuted as the musical’s director. “It’s exhausting! You’re a therapist, you’re a politician… You have to be aware that that person is starting to freak out, I gotta talk them off a cliff, and you’ve got to make sure they have confidence because this is not an easy thing for any of them to do.”

Ashlee Simpson made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in 2009. The Pieces of Me singer razzle dazzled audiences alongside co-star and True Blood actor, Stepher Moyer.

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