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The terrifying truth about my daughter’s imaginary friend

They thought ‘Jonathon’ was an adorable imaginary friend. He wasn’t.

A man has revealed the terrifying moment he and his wife realised their daughter’s “imaginary friend” was actually the “ghost” of a child who had died in their house.

The father Eric, said he was not perturbed when his three-year-old daughter Rebecca started babbling about a boy called Jonathon.

“She always talked about her friend Jonathon,” the man wrote on Reddit. “We had no idea who he was; she didn’t go to school yet.

“She still had this obsession with her closet and often said Jonathon was hiding in there. She would take us to the closet, say that Jonathon is in here; we would open the door and was greeted by her clothes and toys.

“The story didn’t alarm us; we assumed she had a little imaginary friend and what child didn’t? We thought it was cute.”

When Eric’s wife became pregnant again, they decided to move to a bigger home, selling their bungalow to young couple with no kids.

Four months after his family moved out, Eric got a call from the new owners. While renovating, they had found a long-forgotten and barely visible trapdoor in the back of Rebecca’s old closet.

The trapdoor led to a void that contained a box that chilled Eric to the core.

“I asked him what was in the box. ‘Just some old baby photos and some baby clothes’ he expressed.

‘The box just says Jonathon’s on it.’”

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