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Don’t believe in ghosts? These stories will change your mind

Our readers share their chilling supernatural encounters that are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

An antique store owner in the U.K. has uploaded a video of CCTV footage that appears to have captured a ghost on film, The Mirror reports.

The footage shows a framed photo fall from the wall, followed by a mysterious glowing light, presumably the ghost, rising from the floor.

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Shop owner Danny Parker says that the bizarre and possibly paranormal incident is just one of many that have occurred over the last 12 months.

“We have been open a year [and] we have had probably 50 incidents happen,” Parker said. “We have lots of things moving and falling in our antiques centre.”

“The day after a skeleton fell off its stand, another picture fell off which had been hung up for a couple of months. Once it hits the floor, and orb floats up.”

“I’m a non-believer, so it does make you think twice if there is something else out there.”

And whether or not you believe this particular ghost story, our readers have some compelling evidence for others.

Check out their spooky tales below. Just make sure you don’t read them in the dark.

“WHEN I was in my early 20s I was travelling in Europe. One night, I had the most vivid dream about my brother. He was sitting on a toilet in terrible agony. It disturbed me so much that I went and found a pay phone the next morning and called home for the first time in months – my stunned mother told me my brother had been hospitalised with yellow fever the night before, and had been close to death. He recovered but I will never forget that dream, or the sense of foreboding it instilled in me.” Stuart Cohen

“WHEN I was young I was asleep in my bed and woke to see a little man wearing a hat standing at my bedroom door. As a child, I didn’t like my sheets and blankets tucked in tight so Mum always made sure they were loose. When I saw this figure at my bedroom door I panicked and crawled under my blankets and covered my head. The next morning I awoke in a sheer panic – I was stuck under the covers, which were tucked in so tightly around me I struggled to get out. Years later, mum and dad told me my brother had seen the same little man in the same place (we had swapped rooms after the incident). I have not been able to sleep in total darkness ever since – to this day I have the hall light on.” Lorraine Connell

“WHEN my oldest son was six, he brought my phone to me as I was drying my hair in the bathroom. I checked it – no messages, no missed calls. I thought ‘daft child!’ but before I could say anything it rang. It was my friend, in a flat panic because her son had been rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. The phone was on silent and I never would have heard it anyway over the noise of the dryer. When I asked my son why he brought it to me he said ‘I don’t know. I just knew you needed it’.” Donna Roberts

“I LOST a friend to a tragic accident when I was a teenager. As the years passed I thought about him less and less until it had been a long time since I’d thought about him at all. Then one night I had a dream unlike any other I’ve had before or since. He and I were walking side-by-side and he was telling me he was okay, and he was happy. I told him I wished it was real, and he cheekily replied, ‘Who says it isn’t?’ The next morning I woke up, logged onto Facebook and realised it was the anniversary of his death. I am terrible with dates at the best of times – even now, thinking about it, I couldn’t tell you the date he died. As crazy as it sounds, I believe my dream was real.” Karen Collier

“I USED to work as an assistant nurse in a palliative care facility. I had never had a patient pass away while I was present but one night, I was checking a patient’s pulse when her heart stopped, with my hand still on hers. From that moment on, the rest of the high care dementia patients called me by her name. I can’t explain it. I feel like a part of her passed through me, I didn’t know her that well but feel privileged.” Tori Sedgman

“MY DAUGHTER was two when I overheard her having a long conversation with someone in our back garden. There was no one there. Suddenly, she started running to the back fence saying, ‘Don’t go Nonna!’ Her grandmothers are alive so I asked her if she was talking to the Nonnas we visit. She said, ‘No, she had blue eyes like me!’ The ONLY person in our family with blue eyes was my own Nonna, who passed away before my daughter was born. My daughter is named after her and I know it was her.” Mary Manna

“WHEN my daughter was two, she came and told me there was a man sitting on her bed. My first thought was ‘Silly child, there are no men in this house,’ but I decided to humour her and go and have a look. Sure enough, it was my dad, who had passed the previous year. I told my daughter it was only grandad, but she was scared so I told her she needed to tell him to leave, which she did, only to remark ‘Oh! He’s gone!’ She hasn’t seen him since.” Donna Roberts

“I CATCH glimpses of my late husband and hear him speaking to me quite often. Nothing spooky about it – it’s just normal.” Sylvia Long

“MY AUNT’S grandchildren said they saw a lady waving at them from the roof. They went on to describe their great-aunt down to the birthmark on her face. They also asked why her mother “walked funny” without ever knowing that she walked with a limp.” Mary Manna

“I WAS asleep beside my husband when I was suddenly physically pinned to my bed. I couldn’t move or speak. It was terrifying.” Erin McLeod

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