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HELPING HANDS: How Margot has helped hundreds of vulnerable greyhounds find a home by knitting

''Knitting toys is 'sew' rewarding!''
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Margot Wiburd has helped hundreds of greyhounds find a home, but these special pups won’t dig up your yard or bark at the postman!

Margot, who is the founder of Humans Helping Dogs, and her army of volunteers have knitted more than 450 toy greyhounds, with the proceeds of each sale going to not-for-profit Greyhound Adoptions WA.

“Together we raise donations to aid in the rescue, healing, fostering, and rehoming of hundreds of gorgeous greyhounds. Most [are] unwanted by the racing industry and each desperately need a forever home,” explains Margot, 70, from her home in Mandurah, WA.

Margot with her knitted hounds!

(Image: Veronika Sarajova Photography)

“We began in March 2019 by offering 50 knitted hounds, but soon had to add more as our little hounds ran out the door!”

To date, [the pups have raised $16,500 for greyhounds in need and Margot is eagerly awaiting their next Knitted Dog Campaign in November.

A happy hound recipient

(Image: Samantha Graham)

“Each year my lounge room is knee-deep in wool, thread and post packs. But it’s worth it when I read the landslide of positive feedback we receive from customers,” smiles Margot.

“This campaign would not be possible without the work and generosity of our community of dog-loving volunteer knitters. It melts my heart to know we’re spreading joy, as well as raising much-needed money for greyhound rescue.”

How YOU can help!

To buy a knitted greyhound, visit

For all greyhound adoption inquiries, visit

To find out more visit: you can LIKE the Facebook page, Humans Helping Dogs.

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