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Heartbreaking: 19,000 greyhounds will need to find homes

Would you be prepared to take in one of these gorgeous creatures when the racing ban comes into effect next year? They apparently make lovely pets.

New figures just released show that there will be a whole lot more greyhounds needing homes than originally thought when the racing ban comes into effect next year.
Earlier estimates were that about 6000 dogs would need to find loving homes but the greyhound racing industry claims in leaked interim report that it will be at least three times that at 19,0000.
According to the ABC, the taskforce may suggest the Government allow greyhounds to be trained in New South Wales until 2022.
NSW Premier Mike Baird said the Government had decided to ban the practice after the report of the commission, conducted by former High Court judge Michael McHugh, found widespread evidence of animal cruelty in the sport.
There are several organisation and charities that rescue and find homes for ex-racing greyhounds – and they all agree that this breed of dog makes a fabulous family pet. See underneath this Tweet all the reasons greyhounds, even former racing ones, make great companion animals.
9 reasons to take in a greyhound
This is what the NSW’s Greyhound Rescue has to say about these noble creatures:
  1. They are gentle, affectionate dogs that love to be with you. Greyhounds really love their humans, and are sometimes known as “velcro dogs”
  2. They are sociable and generally get on well with other dogs and animals, including small dogs and even cats at times.
  3. They don’t need a lot of exercise or a big backyard. In fact they are well suited to apartment living.
  4. After their walk or ‘zoomie’ across a field, they are happy to sleep on the couch for the rest of the day.
  5. They rarely bark.
  6. They don’t lose much hair (compared to other breeds) and require very little grooming.
  7. They don’t have that doggy smell as they do not have the fatty undercoat of other breeds.
  8. They are intelligent and respond well to training.
  9. Being tolerant and easy going they are generally good around children of most ages.

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