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Can a rat crawl through your plumbing and end up in your toilet?

Why you will never leave the toilet lid up again.

You know the urban legend about rats swimming up through the sewer and into the toilet bowl, well IT’S NOT A MYTH!

That’s right.

A new video from National Geographic has managed to confirm your worst nightmares in a few short minutes and show how easy it is for a rogue rat to sneak its way into your plumbing and pop out at your most vulnerable moment.

According to the video rats, are great swimmers. Gulp. They have incredible endurance, flexibility and – pause for a scream – can hold their breath underwater for up to THREE MINUTES!

According to Net Geo, “it’s sharp claws allow the rat to scale almost any vertical surface.” Whaaaaaat?!

Apparently rats can collapse their bodies so much that if they can fit their head into something, they can shrink their bodies to squeeze inside too.

So why would rats want to hang in the sewers? Well, all of that undigested food and even faeces can be like a buffet for a hungry pest. Um, yuck!

Take a look at the video and see just how easy it is for one of these little buggers to get close to your defenceless derrière.

Nat Geo shows how easy it is for a rat to crawl from the plumbing into the loo.

Now, we don’t want to sound alarmist but, RUN HOME RIGHT NOW AND PUT A LOCK ON YOUR TOILET SEAT LID PRONTO!

Have you ever had a close encounter with a creepy crawly in your bathroom?

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