STUFF OF NIGHTMARES: Mum captures enormous deadly snake next to toddler

Your heart will be in your mouth when you see it!
STUFF OF NIGHTMARES: Mum captures enormous deadly snake next to toddler

Prepare for an almighty shiver…

A mum has shared a picture of her cherubic 2-year-old that will give you MAJOR fear.

When you first look at Bianca Dickinson’s picture of darling little Molly, you won’t notice it, but it’s there…


Bianca was taking pictures of Molly at the end of her driveway in The Wimmera, Victoria when she noticed the enormous snake slithering past.

Luckily, she kept her cool and didn’t move to grab Molly until the snake was well away from the little girl – she was afraid if she’d snatched her, she could’ve startled it.

“I can’t believe it didn’t touch her,” Bianca wrote in a post on Facebook.

“Once I was home, I checked my camera and found this shot.”

It really does send shivers down your spine!

Luckily little Molly was blissfully oblivious to the snake.

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