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How a tarot card reader caught a murderer

After playing the card of death, her client revealed his dark secret.
How a tarot card reader caught a murderer

A tarot card reader has revealed how she caught a murderer after she dealt him the card of death.

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Jayne Braiden, 56, has been giving a reading to Star Randel-Hanson at her shop in Brighton, England when she dealt the cards.

Out of a deck of 51, he picked the death, justice and devil card.

She explained to Mr Randel-Hanson what they meant when he broke down in tears, confessing to stabbing his housemate Derick Marney.

Jayne Braiden

“He said: ‘It’s terrible, I killed him’. He told me that he killed him but he did not mean to and it was awful,” she told Daily Mail.

Miss Braiden told him she had to call the police however, once she made the call, she was told it was not an emergency by an operator who thought the call was a hoax.

It took 55 minutes for the police to arrive and during that time, Miss Braiden sat with Randel-Hanson, taking notes as he discussed the murder.

Star Randel-Hanson

She said she did not feel threatened by the murderer and felt it was her ‘duty’ to keep him there until police arrived.

Randel-Hanson since been jailed for life with a minimum of 15 years after being convicted of murder after a two-week trial.

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