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Restaurant owner jailed for peanut allergy death

After ordering a takeaway meal with specifically no nuts, a man has died from anaphylactic shock.

A man has died from a severe peanut allergy after eating takeaway food that he’d specifically requested ‘no nuts’.

The British restaurant owner, Mohammed Zaman, 52, has been found guilty of causing 38-year-old Paul Wilson’s death and sentenced to six years’ jail.

Zaman, who owns six Indian restaurants in Britain, has been convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence after Wilson ordered the takeaway meal of chicken tikka masala with “no nuts”.

Wilson went into anaphylactic shock and died, and was found by his roommate slumped on his toilet, the court heard.

Three weeks before the tragic death, another customer with a nut allergy from the same restaurant had to be treated at hospital for a severe reaction, according to the New York Times.

The prosecutor, Richard Wright, told the court that when it came to risk, Zaman had a “reckless and cavalier” attitude.

During the trial, Wright said: “Time and time again he ignored the danger and did not protect his customers.” He added that Zaman had “put profit before safety, and he cut corners at every turn”.

This is the first time in Britain someone has been charged with manslaughter over the sale of food.

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