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Sally Faulkner’s may never see her children again, according to her ex-husband’s latest interview

“At the end of the day if the dog is barking you just close the door,” Ali Elamine said.

The Brisbane mum at the centre of the 60 Minutes kidnapping bungle last year may never see her children again.

Sally Faulkner’s ex-husband Ali Elamine told News Corp he has no plans to return to Australia with his children and said he intends to tell them about their mother’s behaviour when they get older.

WATCH: Sally Faulkner being released from Beirut prison last year.

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“We don’t really care, we’re not interested, and at the end of the day I will do what I like regardless of what she says,” Mr Elamine said.

“At the end of the day if the dog is barking you just close the door.”

Mr Elamine also contradicted his ex-wife’s claims that children Lehela, six, and Noah, four, had not received Australian embassy welfare checks.

Ms Faulkner took to Facebook to share emails between her and the Australian embassy recounting multiple failed attempts to check on the children while in Lebanon.

The interview came after Ms Faulkner said Mr Elamine was seeing another woman and leaving their children at home with “a maid and their grandmother”.

He rejected her comments and said, “everyone is all good” and the children are surrounded by family.

Ms Faulkner has been vocal on social media about missing her children and condemning her ex-husband for taking them away.

She often posts about the effects of ‘parental alienation’ on children and begs Mr Elamine to bring Noah and Lehela home.

Ms Faulkner has previously said she hasn’t seen her children or had any contact with them since she was deported from Lebanon during the infamous 60 Minutes scandal.

“I’d do anything to know they are okay, it’s been two years. We’ve tried and tried to contact them.”

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