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English chickens are getting tiny little jumpers for winter

A woman in Cornwall is knitting her chooks sweaters for the winter.

Stop everything: there are chickens wearing jumpers.

Nicola Congdon and her mother, who live in Cornwall, England, rescue retired battery hens and give them a new home.

About half of their 60-strong chicken brood are from battery farms, and because they have sadly spent their entire lives in cages, they are not able to acclimatise to the outside weather conditions.

With the winter fast approaching, Nicola was getting worried about her chooks being out in the cold.

So she started knitting them jumpers. Amazing.

“We’ve been knitting chicken jumpers for the last six months.

“We’re doing it… for the ex-battery hens, for when they come out of their poor conditions they can put them on, obviously in the cold weather.”

The chickens, for their part, are quite fond of their newest accessories.

“The chickens absolutely love them. They just stand there and do everything they should be doing, as a chicken would.”

Nicola has been knitting chicken jumpers for six months

Nicola has already had inquiries from as far as Canada, and plenty of locals have been requesting woolly sweaters for their feathery friends too.

“If anyone would like to purchase one,” Nicola said, “we ask for a donation for an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.”

Maybe the Cornwall chickens could have a fashion-off with the Phillip Island Penguins?

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