Cyrell Paule’s family order a shotgun wedding following her pregnancy announcement with Eden Dally

Will Cyrell be a bride once more?
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Married At First Sight‘s Cyrell Paule and Love Island‘s Eden Dally surprised fans last week with their sudden pregnancy announcement.

Many sent the pair well-wishes, but it appears Cyrell’s family are less than thrilled.

“Cyrell’s family are very religious and traditional, so having a baby out of wedlock was never going to go down well with them,” a source close to the couple tells Woman’s Day.

“Ivan [Cyrell’s brother] has pulled Eden aside and given him a stern talking to about doing well by his sister and putting a ring on her finger before the baby arrives.”

“Cyrell’s family are very religious and traditional.”

(Image: Instagram @ivan23paule)

Cyrell, 30, is reportedly reluctant to have another major celebration, after only walking down the aisle with MAFS‘ Nic Jovanovic in front of TV cameras less than a year ago.

“Once the baby is born, there will be a big wedding,” the source reveals.

WATCH: Ivan tells Cyrell her marriage will fail on Married At First Sight.

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Parents-to-be Cyrell and Eden were first spotted together at the end of March in Sydney and when the steamy pics surfaced, fans of both stars went into a tizz.

In June, Cyrell revealed exclusively to Now To Love that her relationship was going better than she ever thought it would.

“[There was a] rocky start I’ll admit but you always end up falling for the ones you least expect and you find happiness when you’re not even looking for it,” she admitted.

“When I met him at Jules’ [Robinson] birthday, I gotta tell you, I so did not like him,” Cyrell admits. “But we kept on hanging out after that and he sort of grew on me slowly and I’m like, he’s actually okaaay!”

Cyrell and Eden’s baby is due in February 2020.

(Image: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule)

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