CONFIRMED! Reality TV power couple Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally are expecting their first child

Congratulations are in order!
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In what is surely the most exciting reality TV crossover news yet – Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally are expecting their first child together!

The Married At First Sight star has announced she’s 12 weeks pregnant.

Cyrell and Eden confirmed the news to New Idea and added that while the pregnancy wasn’t planned, said they are looking forward to being parents together.

During an exclusive chat with NW, the pair previously spoke about their future plans with one another.

“We don’t really plan things,” former Love Island star Eden admitted. “We just let it happen, just like this happened, our relationship.”

Congratulations to Cyrell and Eden!

(Image: Supplied/NW)

Since they first stepped out together in March this year, the couple have faced a fair amount of backlash, with fans even doubting the validity of their relationship.

“That’s a laugh! It was actually Telv Williams who started that rumour,” former Married At First Sight bride Cyrell told NW.

“He said Eden got paid $2,000 to hang out with me. He also leaked some messages about us, but it was all a lie.”

At the time, the couple had been together for only four months, and Eden quipped: “If I only got paid two grand to hang out with Cyrell, don’t you think I’d have called it a day by now?!”

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How did we not notice this!

(Image: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule)

The couple first stepped out at the end of March at burger joint Milky Lane in Sydney and when the steamy pics surfaced, fans of both stars went into a tizz.

Then, in an exclusive interview with Now to Love in June, Cyrell revealed that her relationship was going better than she ever thought it would.

“[There was a] rocky start I’ll admit but you always end up falling for the ones you least expect and you find happiness when you’re not even looking for it,” she admitted.

“When I met him at Jules’ [Robinson] birthday, I gotta tell you, I so did not like him,” Cyrell admits. “But we kept on hanging out after that and he sort of grew on me slowly and I’m like, he’s actually okaaay!”

The couple are going to have some seriously cute kids!

(Image: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule)

You can tell Cyrell is really comfortable in her relationship, even saying how much the pair complement each other.

“Honestly, we’re like ying and yang,” she says. “He cracks me up and that’s a big thing for me, I love guys that make me laugh.”

Even though things are pretty peachy right now, the relationship has had its moments – especially when it comes to the “peanut gallery” of fans and their opinion on the matter.

“I’ve seen it [the comments],” she reveals. “I read the comments but I know what I’ve got with him.”

“If I had to sit here and worry about what everyone else said, then I’d never be happy in life. At the end of the day, I know the truth, I met his whole family – it is what it is, it kind of hurts in that regard.

“Like, OMG, ‘Cyrell is so in love with him, and he’s not with her’, OMG really, RELAX! I’m like, you don’t pay my bills, you don’t provide a roof over my head. You also don’t satisfy my hoo-ha… so it doesn’t matter to me.”

Such amazing news!

(Image: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule)

Congratulations to the happy couple! We can’t WAIT to see their new bundle of joy!

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