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EXCLUSIVE: Cyrell and Eden set the record straight on their "fake" romance

These reality stars dated others on separate shows but their hot hook-up is the real deal!

By NW team
Despite haters claiming that their romance is fake, Cyrell Paule insists she's met her very own King Ding-a-Ling – for real!
"We're having fun, we don't take life too seriously and we're enjoying every day together," the feisty 30-year-old MAFS star tells NW of her relationship with Eden Dally.
"If people want to say we're a publicity stunt, let them," adds the 26-year-old Love Island hunk. "I don't care – it's on them."
Yep, if these two are faking it, give them all the Oscars! When we caught up with the pair at Eden's lavish $2.9 million family mansion, they could barely keep their hands off one another.
So what's really going on? NW gets the goss...
The MAFS babe takes a bite out of her man's forbidden fruit. (NW)
Why is there so much talk about you guys faking your romance?
Cyrell: That's a laugh! It was actually Telv Williams who started that rumour. He said Eden got paid $2,000 to hang out with me. He also leaked some messages about us, but it was all a lie.
Eden: It's been four months. If I only got paid two grand to hang out with Cyrell, don't you think I'd have called it a day by now?!
Are you living together?
Eden: I live here with my mum and stepdad – this is their place.
Cyrell: I stay over a lot, but I don't live here.
Who's the most house proud out of you both?
Eden: I am not domesticated at all. I'm the protector and I take out the rubbish!
Cyrell: Yeah, it's definitely me. His mum and I take it in turns to look after him – we cook and clean for him.
"I'm the protector - and I take out the rubbish!" Eden says. (NW)
Inside Cyrell's garden of Eden! (NW)
How would you describe your perfect date?
Eden: I like to do putt putt golf!
Cyrell: You'll think I'm lame, but I love that too! The only thing is, I'm really competitive and he beat me at putt putt, so I wasn't happy. I was really drunk, though!
Eden, is it true that you had a threesome with Jessika Power?
Cyrell: That's legit – it happened.
Eden: It's true. It was at the St Kilda Festival, she got all friendly with a girl and they both came back to mine
How did you feel when you found out, Cyrell?
Cyrell: I like to think she was the "root and boot" and I was the keeper. I got him in the end!
A match maid in heaven. (NW)
Maid for each other! (NW)
You and Elizabeth Sobinoff were besties on MAFS – when did the feud with her start?
Cyrell: She's just toxic. She's two-faced.
Eden: She's a bit fake, that one! She came to my house for a party and then I found out she was bagging me out.
Cyrell: She wasn't happy with me getting all the club appearance gigs and that's why the jealousy started. It's just really pathetic and immature!
So what's next, guys?
Eden: We're going to party in LA!
Cyrell: We don't plan – we just let things happen, like our relationship. We will just carry on having fun!
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