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Love Island’s Erin Barnett slams ex-boyfriend after he openly discusses her fertility issues

''If a man or woman say they can't have children, don't ask why, or worse, ask what's wrong.''
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Love Island Australia’s Erin Barnett has slammed her ex-boyfriend Eden Dally, after the star publicly discussed her fertility struggles.

After announcing that he is expecting his first child with new partner Married at First Sight’s Cyrell Paule, Eden made comment about Erin and also Cyrell’s former MAFS husband, Nic Jovanovic.

“The ironic thing is, which is unfortunate, they both struggle having children,” he said. “I’ve moved on big time and Cyrell has moved on, and I hope they’ve moved on… my break-up was a pretty bad one. I had a lot of lies made up about me,” he added.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Erin said: “Let me get this out here and now: If a woman or a man say they can’t have children, don’t ask why, or worse, ask what’s wrong. The implication that you’re somehow broken is upsetting. Just accept it and move on.”

The 24-year old went on to say that not everyone’s goal in life is to have children, and “if someone is infertile, people questioning it really doesn’t help. The questions can make us feel bad.”

Erin Barnett hit back at her ex, Eden Dally, after he openly spoke about her struggles with fertility.

(Source: Instagram/erin.alysha)

Eden and Erin met on the set of Love Island.

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Even though it was not necessary, Erin went on to divulge details of her “complicated” and “long” list of reasons why she cannot have children.

“IVF is no-longer an option and look, if I have time to sit down with you all and explain why, we would be talking for hours.”

Erin has also undergone countless surgeries, and treatment to try and resolve the issues, however, went on to say that she shouldn’t have to “explain all of this to people”.

“I feel blessed to have a large social platform that I can use to start a conversation about these situations and make other people out in the world know they aren’t alone.”

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“If a woman or a man say they can’t have children, don’t ask why, or worse, ask what’s wrong.”

(Source: Instagram/erin.alysha)

Erin then went on to say that there will always be a small part of her that “feels a little sad that it’s an experience I will never have.”

While she may not be able to have children of her own, Erin plays step-mum to “three wonderful children” as a result of her most current relationship with 43-year-old Michael Russel, and because the children have a wonderful mother, she feels more like a “super cool Aunty” to the kids.

Erin’s current partner, Michael, 43, has three children.

(Source: Instagram/erin.alysha)

“I hear people say “having a child is a blessing”. Well, being alive and living a fulfilling happy life is also a blessing,” Erin said.

“You shouldn’t feel ashamed or not “blessed” for not being able to have a baby.”

Erin and Eden met on Love Island in June 2018 before a very ugly break up in November that same year.

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