The skincare ingredient making a comeback

And it's not what you'd think.
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It seems as if there’s always a new hyped ingredient in the skincare world. We’ve had hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, snail mucin…the list goes on. While some of these ingredients are truly deserving of their popularity, others are just average.

Alas, there’s a new ingredient to add to your skincare repertoire! But this is one you’ve probably heard of before…

The verdict is in…

(Image: Instagram/About Time We Met)

Sandalwood is the aromatic wood of several tree species (genus Sanctum). The prized ingredient dates back to 200 AD where its earliest recorded use was in Ayurvedic Medicine in the Charaka Samhita.

Because of its nourishing properties, a sandalwood-based Australian skincare brand has entered the picture. Science-led, gender-neutral skincare line, About Time We Met, harnesses sandalwood as its main active ingredient.

The range’s hero ingredient is sandalwood.

(Image: Instagram/About Time We Met)

About Time We Met’s Brand Manager, Vanessa Ligovich, says sandalwood “reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the skin, evens skin tone, reduces redness, reduces the appearance of acne, soothes the skin, and protects against damage caused by blue light and pollution.”

In light of this impressive list, we’ve done a deep dive on sandalwood with About Time We Met’s resident expert, Vanessa.

What is sandalwood good for?

“Studies have shown that sandalwood has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tyrosinase (a pigmentation-inducing enzyme) benefits,” Vanessa said.

In terms of how this ingredient has such a multi-tasking resume, “Sandalwood has been proven to inhibit the production of enzymes that are triggered when stress is recognised by the body.”

As such, it has been reintroduced into the skincare realm after holding a top spot in the world of fragrance for so long.

Vanessa also says that sandalwood can help “calm the mind.”

WATCH: About Time We Met’s sandalwood range. Article continues after video.

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How can sandalwood promote relaxation?

“Due to high solubility levels, sandalwood’s fragrance molecules can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and interact with receptor types in the brain such…a reduction in pulse rate and a reduction in systolic blood pressure (associated with the sympathetic nervous system ‘fight or flight’.”

“So very scientific, but the crux of it is the scent reacts to receptors in your brain, which then causes a calming effect.”

Is sandalwood native to Australia?

Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) is native to Western Australia.

About Time We Met’s Naturally Brilliant Oil.

(Image: Instagram/About Time We Met)

How did About Time We Met come about?

About Time We Met originated as a small forestry business, Quintis Sandalwood. Focused on saving Indian sandalwood from extinction in the wild, an offshoot of their protective efforts was learning about its natural oil.

“We are so passionate about the therapeutic skincare benefits of the ingredient and wanted to show the world just how powerful sandalwood is. We thought the best way to highlight sandalwood’s benefits was to create a range with products that actually work and one that supports everything sandalwood stands for – natural, cruelty free, inclusive, efficacious, Australian made,” Vanessa said.

About Time We Met is available exclusively on their website. Their nine-product range includes an oil, two serums, two cleansers, an AHA mask, night cream, day cream, and refreshing mist.

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