Another one bites the dust! All our favourite celebrities who have caught COVID-19 and how they’ve kept busy in isolation

From Zoë Foster Blake to our beloved Bachie couples, it seems no one is safe from Omicron!
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As the Omicron variant of COVID continues to wreak havoc around the world, it’s a reminder that even the most glamorous of celebs aren’t immune to catching the virus.

In recent weeks, dozens of stars both abroad and in Australia have fallen victim to the highly-contagious variant that’s seen more than 288,000 cases emerge across the country since December 22.

We’ve compiled a list of all our favourite Aussie celebs who have been forced to isolate at home while recovering from COVID, and how they’ve managed to keep themselves busy.


Jules Robinson

Jules Robinson

Former Married at First Sight contestant Jules Robinson felt the first effects of Covid-19 on her drive home from a holiday, and she took to her Instagram to discuss her experience.

The mother-of-one shared a pink tile on her Instagram that read, “Through sickness in health and …. COVID,” which was followed by a picture of Jules’ temperature and of her husband Cam Merchant driving their car.

“When your covid 🤒😷kicks in on your drive home from holidays and your husbands takes care of everyone😘,” she revealed.

She also shared a sweet dedication to Cam for all his support, “10 hours later, 3 am home and isolating in guest bedroom, worst 10 hrs but my hero hubby made it better.P.S. it’s bloody awful, like bloodyyyyy awful!!


Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson

The Bachelor sweethearts tested positive to COVID after New Year’s Eve and they isolated in their Bondi apartment.

The pair announced the news to their followers by posting a photo of them holding up their positive rapid antigen tests.

“Ah well,” Jimmy said, with Holly adding: “Another one bites the dust.”

But the couple made the most of their isolation period by doing odd jobs around their beachside pad, including painting their balcony.

“Have been waiting to paint the balcony railing for a long time now. Covid project 1/16730 here we come,” Jimmy captioned a clip of their renovation.


Zoë Foster Blake

The author and beauty guru revealed to fans that she had tested positive for COVID in late December, saying Christmas had been “ruined”.

“I cried a lot. Because I ruined Christmas (we were hosting) and also I was sick as [a dog],” she wrote.

“Omicron is here to mess s–t up so stay well, stay safe and know you’re VERY not-alone.”

Thankfully, Zoë was able to enjoy New Year festivities after eventually recovering from the virus and testing negative.


Matty ‘J’ Johnson and Laura Byrne

The Bachelor season five winners first realised they were in hot water with COVID on Christmas Eve, when Laura returned a positive test.

The couple and their two daughters, Marlie-Mae and Lola, were en route to visit Matt’s family in Brisbane, and made it as far as Coffs Harbour before having to return to Sydney to begin isolation.

Laura revealed via Instagram Stories that 10-month-old Lola had tested negative to COVID, despite herself, Matt, and their eldest daughter Marlie-Mae, two, having tested positive.

“2022 you saucy little minx. Here’s to more spicy summer and less spicy cough,” she quipped.

Matt revealed he and his family were free from isolation on New Year’s Day, and were later spotted enjoying the sunshine at Bondi Beach.


Martha and Michael

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli

Just days after returning from their whirlwind US trip, Martha and Michael confirmed they had tested positive for COVID-19.

Speaking to her 629,000 Instagram followers from isolation, the former Married At First Sight bride explained her and Michael’s how their symptoms have really affected them.

“We left LA, we had to show a negative test in order to leave and get on the plane so we showed a negative test leaving America. As soon as we landed in Australia we did another test, we showed another negative test and that was Christmas Eve so we went to Christmas with our family. Someone at Christmas had COVID and we’re pretty sure we got it at Christmas,” she shared.

Whilst some other people in the family have it, Martha’s mum and Big Brother VIP star Mary “by some miracle” tested negative.


Georgia Love

The former Bachelorette tested positive for the Omicron variant after using an at-home rapid antigen test.

Georgia shared a video of the result and a picture of herself looking under the weather in loungewear on Instagram. In her caption, Georgia revealed that she’s grateful to be double vaxxed because her symptoms are “horrible.”

“Welcome to 2022 ☺️,” the Seven journalist began. “Omicron has got me good. I’m double vaxxed, felt 100% fine last night but woke this morning with aches which have got worse and worse throughout the day.”

Georgia also revealed that she’s struggling with, “A horrible fever,” and her “head feels like it may explode. I can’t imagine what this would be like if I wasn’t vaccinated 😖.”


Anthony Callea

The beloved Aussie singer announced he tested positive to COVID on Wednesday, saying he was in “the most excruciating pain” since waking up on Sunday.

“This sh*t is real and from what I can understand and what my Dr has observed from what I have and am going through, it seems I have the Delta variant,” the 39-year-old posted to his 140,000 Instagram followers.

“My head felt like it was about to combust, my throat, well I have never felt pain in my throat like that before, it was like someone stabbing me right in the throat!

“My chest was tight, I felt as though I was about to burst my ear drums and my body overall just felt like it was shutting down.”

Anthony, who is double vaccinated, revealed he took an at-home rapid test as soon as he noticed his symptoms, but his husband Tim Campbell tested negative.

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Anna McEvoy

The Love Island Australia season two winner tested positive for COVID after landing in Thailand on what would have been a romantic holiday with her boyfriend Michael Staples, who also caught the virus.

“It’s difficult when you’re in a different country as there’s a language barrier. Everyone has been nice… but there has been some miscommunications in regards to what is going on,” Anna said.

“Mainly because I think the hospitals are full and rules are if you have COVID-19 you go to hospital so they don’t know what to do with us.”


Moana Hope

The former Australian Survivor star was hospitalised with COVID after her symptoms became too much to bear.

“I’m better today than what I was yesterday,” the pregnant AFL star said on Instagram on Tuesday.

“I’ve still got massive headaches, all the time, blocked nose and runny nose. Sometimes feel OK, the next minute just feel wiped.”

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