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Georgia Love is grateful to be vaccinated as she reveals she’s suffering “horrible” COVID-19 symptoms

''My head feels like it may explode.''
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As COVID-19 cases soar around the country, many Aussies have spent Christmas and New Year in isolation.

One such star to join the slew of those struck with the virus is former Bachelorette Georgia Love who tested positive for the Omicron variant, thanks to a rapid test.

She shared a video of the result and a picture of herself looking under the weather in loungewear on Instagram.

In her caption, Georgia revealed that she’s grateful to be double vaxxed because her symptoms are “horrible.”

“Welcome to 2022 ☺️,” the Seven journalist began. “Omicron has got me good. I’m double vaxxed, felt 100% fine last night but woke this morning with aches which have got worse and worse throughout the day.”

Georgia also revealed that she’s struggling with, “A horrible fever,” and her “head feels like it may explode.”

“I can’t imagine what this would be like if I wasn’t vaccinated 😖,” she expressed.

Georgia’s supporters and friends came to her comment section to share their well wishes and a speedy recovery for the star.

Former SAS Australia star Erin Holland shared, “Oh girl 🥺 rest up and kick Rona’s ass! Xx,” and Jason Grech, who designed Georgia’s wedding dress, commented, “Oh no, hey well soon and sending energy your way.”

Former Married at First Sight bride Jaimie Gardner, meanwhile, shared the sentiment, “Another one bites the dust.,” and “Get well soon lovely x.”

Georgia isn’t the only celeb to experience rough symptoms like fever and aches as a vaccinated person with COVID-19.

MAFS stars Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, who are both double vaxxed, also revealed they suffered through the virus in late December, after contracting it at Christmas days after returning from their US trip.

Martha placed a “catfish filter” on her Instagram story to announce her symptoms.

(Credit: Instagram)

It has been popularised that COVID is a mere cold, but Martha revealed to her 629,000 Instagram followers that it’s not an easy experience.

“COVID sucks, it is so f—ing s—, some people are like ‘Oh it’s just a cold’ – it is just a virus but it’s a pretty s— one,” the beauty influencer stated.

Described as “cold and flu symptoms and tonsillitis and gastro all in one”, Martha explained that she and her fiancé have been dealing with symptoms including sore throat, chest burning, nausea, vomiting, fever and chills.

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