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Why this racy detail in Domencia Calarco’s latest selfie has fans in an absolute frenzy

''The ultimate mood booster.''
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Domenica Calarco has surprised fans with a very spicy challenge on her Instagram, encouraging followers to join in with a little self-love.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday with a cheeky bikini photo, Married At First Sight’s latest fan favourite posed with a baby pink vibrator and a big grin.

But it wasn’t her flirty photo that had fans talking – it was her X-rated challenge in the caption.

Domenica surprised fans with her spicy snap.

(Image: Instagram)

She revealed she’d partnered with self-love and wellness brand VUSH to encourage herself and fans “to prioritise ourselves by challenging us to masturbate for 30 days”.

Yes, you read that right.

“We always tell ourselves that we don’t have time or we feel guilty for having a self-love moment… But did you know masturbating actually increases productivity??” Domenica continued.

“It lowers stress levels, improves sleep quality, promotes better physical health & is the ultimate mood booster.”

The MAFS star then announced she’d be taking on the challenge to indulge in a little self-love every day for a month and urged fans to join in and “see the results for yourself“.

Speaking about the challenge on her and Ella Ding’s Sit With Us podcast, Domenica revealed: “I’m currently on day 3; getting up close and personal with myself; it’s actually the most incredible task to do! Cannot wait for the rest!”

Domenica has always been sex-positive, speaking openly about sex on the show and online since the finale.

Now she’s partnered VUSH – the same brand Abbie Chatfield collaborated on a vibrator with – to promote the masturbation challenge and her followers seem to be loving the concept.

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“Tired of society believing that it is taboo for women to have a maz,” one person commented on the post.

Others weren’t sure they could keep up, with one follower joking; “Every day for 30 days? Oh god I just don’t think I’ve got that kind of energy or commitment.”

It helps that Domenica is also spruiking a massive discount on her favourite toy, offering followers 50 per cent off the Empress 2 vibrator.

Gushing about the toy’s “powerful suction tech” and “mix and match patterns and levels”, she urged fans to snag one for themselves half price with her code “DomICF50”.

Ella has been spruiking the same toy online.

(Image: Instagram)

She’s the latest in a string of reality TV celebs to partner with sexual wellness brands to promote more positivity around self-love – and make a bit of bank on the side.

Abbie Chatfield did it first with her VUSH vibrator and more recently Ella Ding jumped on the bandwagon, promoting the same toy as bestie Domenica.

Not only are all three women huge sex-positive advocates, they also make a killing with the spicy brand deals.

Pick up one of the Empress 2 toys here for yourself.

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