120 cute and uncommon dog names you probably haven’t heard of

Spot and Rover are so not happening now.
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So you’ve brought a little bundle of (doggy) joy home after endless nagging from the kids and now you’re all wondering what to call this new addition.

Naturally, you turned to the oracle of knowledge: the internet, for the answer. Well done, you.

Like human names, pet names go in and out of fashion and so you won’t hear any puppies down at the dog park named Rover, Spot or Fido anymore.

The good thing is unlike human babies, the naming options for fur babies are pretty much only limited to your vocabulary.

So if you want to call your pet pooch something a little left-of-field, here are the top 10 names you should avoid, according to Pet Insurance Australia.

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Did you know that Hugh Jackman’s dogs are called Dali and Allegra? Such awesome, unusual dog names!

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The top 10 male dog names

  1. Charlie

  2. Max

  3. Buddy

  4. Oscar

  5. Milo

  6. Archie

  7. Ollie

  8. Toby

  9. Jack

  10. Teddy

The top 10 female dog names

  1. Bella

  2. Molly

  3. Coco

  4. Ruby

  5. Lucy

  6. Bailey

  7. Daisy

  8. Rosie

  9. Lola

  10. Franki

Things to consider when naming your pup

“Take your time and choose a sensible name that is going to stand the test of time,” says Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia.

“For dogs, it’s a good idea to see how the name carries when called.”

Pick something you and the kids can say easily and your dog can learn easily.

Experts suggest you stick to names with two syllable names such as Molly and Coco so your dog can differentiate between its name and a typical command (sit, stand, stay etc).

Remember you will have to call this name out across your yard, in public, where people can hear, so don’t make it too ridiculous or embarrassing – for you and your dog’s sake.

If you want to go unique then think of famous people you’re a fan of, your fave shows or even use everyday items for inspo – hey, if Gwyneth can call her daughter Apple then you can call your dog Vino if you so choose.

There’s no harm in waiting a while until your dog shows its true personality.

And another thing, dog owners

Australians love their pooches – we have one of the highest household rates of pet ownership in the world, at around 62%. And recent figures suggest around 3.6 million households have pet dogs.

Like us, dogs get sick or injured. And here’s a word of warning – veterinary costs aren’t cheap.

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular for pet owners. In Australia, how it works is you pay a premium to the pet insurance company of your choice and if your pet gets ill or hurt, the insurer, such as Woolworths Pet Insurance, will pay a percentage of your the vet bills.

As when buying any insurance policy, shop around and read the fine print – but a bonus from the Woolworths insurance is that policy holders get 10 per cent off their grocery bills once a month.

Want to give your pooch an original name? Scroll through this list.

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50 more names for male dogs

  1. Ace

  2. Aero

  3. Bacon

  4. Bailey

  5. Bear

  6. Buddy

  7. Burger

  8. Chaos

  9. Chilli

  10. Coby

  11. Comet

  12. Cooper

  13. Cruise

  14. Domino

  15. Duke

  16. Echo

  17. Einstein

  18. Elf

  19. Elvis

  20. Flash

  21. Flash

  22. Frankie

  23. Harley

  24. Harry

  25. Jack

  26. Jamie

  27. Jasper

  28. Jet

  29. Kai

  30. Latte

  31. Levi

  32. Max

  33. Noodle

  34. Oreo

  35. Pepper

  36. Picasso

  37. Pickles

  38. Riley

  39. Riley

  40. Riot

  41. Rocky

  42. Rumour

  43. Sailor

  44. Sausage

  45. Scout

  46. Stewy

  47. Teddy

  48. Thor

  49. Toby

  50. Waffles


These four pooches are just waiting to be given some original names!

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50 more names for female dogs

  1. Angel

  2. Ariel

  3. Bailey

  4. Barbie

  5. Bella

  6. Belle

  7. Biscuit

  8. Bling

  9. Chanel

  10. Chloe

  11. Coco

  12. Cookie

  13. Crumpet

  14. Cuddles

  15. Dash

  16. Delilah

  17. Diva

  18. Dora

  19. Ellie

  20. Elsa

  21. Harper

  22. Hermione

  23. Indy

  24. Izzy

  25. Jazz

  26. Lady

  27. Lexi

  28. Lola

  29. Lucy

  30. Maddy

  31. Matilda

  32. Mimi

  33. Muffin

  34. Nala

  35. Pandora

  36. Penny

  37. Piper

  38. Pixie

  39. Prada

  40. Princess

  41. Roxy

  42. Ruby

  43. Sassy

  44. Shadow

  45. Sophie

  46. Sprinkles

  47. Stella

  48. Summer

  49. Xena

  50. Zoe

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