Your attention: Queen Elizabeth has a new member in her corgi family

Her Majesty has adopted... And we're all wishing we were born a corgi.
Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly adopted Whisper, a 9-year-old corgi.

Many astute royal fans will remember hearing about the darling pooch after its owner, Bill Fenwick, passed away earlier this year.

Bill was Her Majesty’s game keeper on the Sandringham Estate for over twenty years.

Having lost his wife Nancy two years ago, Bill left behind a corgi and Bichon Frise.

Her Majesty with her corgi, Susan.

A royal insider chatted to the Daily Express, saying, “The Queen was very fond of Nancy and Bill and they became close friends.”

“Bill was not in the best of health and was unable to exercise the dogs much. As well as the corgi he also had a Bichon Frise.”

Explaining, “So most Sundays after lunch the Queen would visit him and take the pair out in the park.”

“It was her way of saying thank you for being such loyal friends over the years and for looking after her dogs all that time.”

It is understood that the Queen had originally gifted Bill with Whisper.

It was thought the Queen had 13 corgis at one time.

In light of her friend’s passing, the monarch has decided to look Bill’s corgi, permanently.

“The Queen has always had Corgis, but she made the decision four years ago not to breed anymore because she didn’t want to have a bad fall,” a friend to the royal told The Sun.

“She was also concerned dogs might be left without an owner if anything happened to her.

“But she couldn’t resist Whisper, and now she has asked Bill’s family if she can keep him.”

In addition to Whisper, the Queen has three surviving pet dogs, a corgi named Willow and two corgi-dachshund crosses, Vulcan and Candy.

Whisper will be in good company, joining the Queen’s one remaining corgi, Willow, and her two corgi-dachshund crosses (dorgis), Vulcan and Candy.

Her Majesty simply adores her pooches, with her furry cherubs taking centre stage posing alongside the Queen for her official 90th birthday portrait.

The mother-of-four received her first corgi at the age 18 back in 1944, and she famously confessed, “My corgis are family.”

Sadly, last year she suffered a heart-wrenching blow.

Holly, her canine that famously starred in the iconic 2012 London Olympic’s opening ceremony James Bond sketch, passed away.

If you’ve ever wonder what it’s like being one of the Queen’s corgis… It’s even better than you could imagine.

Royal biographer Brian Hoey details the dogs’ remarkable regimen in his book Pets by Royal Appointment.

He says the corgis have never eaten tinned food in their lives.

The Queen with her corgis in 1969.

The royal pooches are served a luxury diet of fillet steak and chicken breast specially prepared by a Buckingham Palace chef.

At 5pm sharp, a footman delivers the meals to the Queen, who adds the finishing touches herself, pouring gravy over the steak or chicken.

They’re so pampered that the Queen hires a homeopath to treat them whenever they are ill.

When at Buckingham Palace, the dogs sleep in raised wicker baskets in a room near the royal apartments, where they roam freely.

Apparently the furry creatures do have one enemy.

Brian revealed that Prince Philip “loathes” all the Queen’s dogs “because they yap too much”.

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