British Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth may adopt her late gamekeeper's dogs

Her Majesty is set to make the ultimate gesture of kindness and friendship.

By Chloe Lal
Given her adoration for furry creatures, it will come to no surprise that her Majesty is thinking about adopting her friend Bill Fenwick's beloved dogs.
Having lost his wife Nancy two years ago, the royal's gamekeeper passed away last week at the age of 95 and he left behind a corgi and Bichon Frise.
It's understood due to Bill's ailing health, the 90-year-old had opted to look after and take his dogs for walks.
Queen Elizabeth adores pooches
A royal insider chatted to the Daily Express, saying, "The Queen was very fond of Nancy and Bill and they became close friends."
"Bill was not in the best of health and was unable to exercise the dogs much. As well as the corgi he also had a Bichon Frise."
Explaining, "So most Sundays after lunch the Queen would visit him and take the pair out in the park."
"It was her way of saying thank you for being such loyal friends over the years and for looking after her dogs all that time."
They continued, "She was very upset to hear about Bill's death and she is considering taking the dogs if his family can’t look after them."
Her Majesty with her first corgi, Susan.
Britain's longest serving Monarch has always adored her dogs.
Having received her first corgi at the age 18 back in 1944, the Queen once musing, “My corgis are family.”
Sadly, last year she suffered a heart-wrenching blow.
Holly, her canine that famously starred in the iconic 2012 London Olympic's opening ceremony James Bond sketch, passed away.
The mother-of-four now has three surviving pet dogs, a corgi named Willow and two corgi-dachshund crosses, Vulcan and Candy.

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