Pro surfer Mick Fanning unexpectedly brought to light the ultimate hack for looking after your pup in quarantine

Turns out we're not the only ones who can't stop thinking about pets during quarantine.
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Mick Fanning knows a thing or two about dogs, just a quick glance at his widely followed Instagram page will tell you as much.

But as he, and Australians across the country continue to isolate and avoid contact with other to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the pro-surfer has had to adapt to the temporary new norm.

And said adapting comes right back to his favourite furry friend, it seems.

Mick’s beloved dog Harper has been at the centre of his world for some time.

All over his Instagram and with a devoted father and mother (Mick’s fiancee Breeana Randall) consistently backing his cause, it seems Harper’s best interests are always at heart.

But like a number of other dog owners, Australia’s lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly made for some trickier, tougher decision making.

No matter though – despite limited outings and delivery and shopping methods heeded with much caution, it turns out there is another way to keep furry friends happy, and Mick was all over it – delivery.

Mick has taken to using Scratch dog food, which is delivered free to pup-owners’ doors and makes for the perfect socially distanced set-up when it comes to giving his pooch a hearty, healthy meal.

Mick and his pup Harper have been tackling isolation together.


The dog food in question is also a winner in Mick’s eyes.

It’s made with healthy, high protein ingredients that are great for dogs in general.

In fact, like many of us perfecting our skincare routines in iso, Harper has also been reaping the rewards of isolation treats.

Mick previously stated: “Harper’s always had sensitive skin and it gets irritated easily. Poor thing scratches herself silly some days. “

He continued: “I kept going through and changing her diet to see if I could help her out but nothing seemed to really work until I got her on Scratch.”

Harper is a big fan of healthier dog food, especially in isolation, it seems!


Scratch’s Single-protein Kangaroo can be delivered free for $79. Order it online here.


The Melbourne founded dog food company has seen a surge in sales since lockdown restrictions were enacted.

In fact, more than 5,000 Aussie pups have registered to have the food delivered to their door.

The Melbourne-founded company delivers free to most parts of the country, and as an aside, they’re also giving away a free bag of 100% natural beef jerky dog treats with every sign-up (you’ll just need to enter code MAYTREAT at checkout).

Given the lack of requirement to actually leave your house during this unsettling time, plus knowing that you’re still looking after your pup makes this a pretty good deal if you ask us, and Mick apparently.

Scratch’s Turkey, Lamb & Beef is also a favourite among our furry pals. Order it online here.


Worldwide, pet ownership has seen a sharp surge in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lockdown measures, and the reality of people being at home more than ever has sparked interest in pets across the board.

And as Instagram feeds become saturated with yet more pals who’ve adopted a furry companion, it’s delivery subscriptions like these that are no doubt making it a bit easier for them.

And if you haven’t convinced your partner or housemates that now is the perfect opportunity to adopt a dog just yet, perhaps Mick’s revelation might be just what you need to get your case over the line…

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