Move over Joe Exotic! Meet the celebrities with weird exotic pets

Long before Tiger King, these A-listers kept some curious critters.

By NW team
Celebrities often possess many strange habits, and a love for unusual, exotic pets is just one of them.
The hit Netflix series Tiger King has reignited our fascination with people and their relationship to animals.
So with that in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some of the celebrities who have kept some unusual pets over the years.
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Leonardo DiCaprio

He's Hollywood's favourite gentleman, but even Leo has a kooky side. Image: Getty
Dog is usually man's best friend, but in Leo DiCaprio's case, it's the huge tortoise that will most likely outlive him!
In 2010, the actor picked up a 10-year-old Sulcata tortoise for around $600 and it was reported at the time that he asked for the largest one available.
This African species can weigh up to 105kg and have a life expectancy of 80 years, so given that Leo is 45 now, let's hope he's written the animal into his will.

Justin Bieber

Oh Bieber. Image: Instagram
When the pop brat was gifted OG Mally the monkey for his 19th birthday, against all advice, he tried to bring it on tour to Germany in 2013.
The animal was quarantined, so Justin promptly abandoned him.
"Everyone told me not to bring the monkey, but I was like, 'It's gonna be fine, guys!'" he says.
"It was the farthest thing from fine."
OG Mally has since been given to a German zoo, where a rep says he was "extremely frightened, disoriented and struggled to integrate with his own kind".

Paris Hilton

That's ... not hot. Image: Getty
When Paris frolicked with her kinkajou – a racoon-like South American rainforest creature – named Baby Luv in 2006, she was extremely shocked when the little thing bit her.
"She was playing with it the same way people play with their cats and dogs," Paris' publicist said at the time, insisting the wound was "superficial".
Paris received a tetanus shot for her troubles.
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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and Bubbles. Image: Getty
Wacko Jacko adopted his chimpanzee Bubbles from a Texas research facility and kept him at his Neverland ranch – where he would sleep in a crib, eat lollies and use the loo. But when he reached full maturity, Bubbles became too aggressive and was given to a trainer.
Michael's pet alligators were also moved from his ranch to none other than Joe Exotic's Animal Park where they were sadly killed in a fire in 2015.

Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith

Tipi and her favourite pet lion. Image: Supplied
Hitchcock blonde Tippi is famous for her role in The Birds, however it's big cats she really adores, keeping 27 lions and tigers on her Shambala wildlife reserve in California.
Back in 1981, Tippi even shared her bed with a lion named Neil, who appeared in the movie Roar with Tippi's daughter Melanie.
Mel, then 13, was savaged by one of the lions and required extensive facial surgery. Tippi now says having a lion in her house was "stupid beyond belief".

Charlie Sheen

Charlie and his pet Chinese water dragon. Image: Instagram
The troubled actor once owned a Chinese water dragon named Hopper Jr who died of neglect.
"He didn't take care of it – his bearded dragon fell into the pool and died," says a source.
"Nobody was watching the poor thing."

Nicolas Cage

The actor used to own two king cobras! Image: Getty
Nic is drawn to pets of the scaly persuasion – even if they wanted to rip his Face/Off.
"I did have two king cobras and they were not happy," says the Snake Eyes star.
"They would try to hypnotise me by showing me their backs and then they'd lunge at me."
Eventually, Nic had his hissing pals rehomed in a zoo as his neighbours weren't too pleased about the cobras.
He also once owned an octopus worth $200K. As you do.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie is a self-confessed animal obsessive. Image: Getty
While living in LA, the Cheers actress – a self-described "animal lunatic" – was mama to 14 lemurs, though there's no word on whether she's shifted them to her new home in a Florida Scientology commune.
"I started out having lemurs because they're a great animal and I was very interested in conservation in Madagascar, where they're from," explains Kirstie.

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