40 unique baby names to use in 2019

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Choosing a unique name for your baby is sure to help them stand out from the crowd, but there is a lot to consider.

Your baby’s name will play a big role in their life, after all they’ll hear it spoken every day.

So there’s a bit of pressure to ensure that the name is not only unique and suits them, but is one they’ll love too.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite unusual and quirky names for boys and girls in the gallery below to inspire you.

WATCH: The bizarre ways your name affects your behaviour. Gallery begins after video …

40 unique baby names to use in 2019


Abba: Your mind might go straight to the Swedish supergroup, but in fact, Abba has origins in Hebrew, and means “father”, making it a beautiful name to use as a tribute to a dad. Image: Getty.


Aquila: Traditionally used as a boy name, but super sweet for a girl too, Aquila has Latin origins, meanings “Eagle.” Image: Getty.


Breeze: This gentle word was not commonly used as a name, but when Bristol Palin’s baby daddy Levi Johnston used it as a first name for his new daughter, Breeze Beretta, the idea gained traction. Image: Getty.


Calypso: With origins in Greek mythology, Calypso was a demi-goddess and nymph who lived on the hidden island of Ogygia. Image: Getty.


Dottie: Oh gosh, how cute is this for a name? A derivative of names like Dorothy which go back to the Greek name, Dorothea which essentially means “Gift of God.” Image: Getty.


Fable: If your baby looks like a wise old soul, Fable is a beautiful name to choose, because it means “a story.” Image: Getty.

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The bizarre ways your name affects your behaviour


Gypsy: Do you predict a life of bohemian travel ahead for your little one? If so, Gypsy is the perfect name to inspire a life of wanderlust. Image: Getty.


Marlin: Traditionally an English surname meaning “dweller at the famous land,” we love it because how cute was the Dad in Finding nemo?! Image: Getty.


North: When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West first bestowed this upon their daughter, we scoffed. But it’s been a grower and now we think it’s adorable! Image: Getty.


Peaches: The word peach has so many sweet connotations, and thanks to the Geldofs it also makes a pretty sweet baby name. Image: Getty.


Petunia: Feminine, soft and flowery, this unique name is perfect for your new pretty babe. Image: Getty.


Queenie: We’re all about royal baby name inspiration,, but how about Queenie for a quirky twist?! Image: Getty.


Rooney: With Gaelic origins Rooney traditionally means “redhead” or little redhead,”. Image: Getty.


Sable: Of Slavic origin, the meaning of Sable is “black” and has connotations of being something highly prized, just your like your new baby! Image: Getty.


Saffron: Exotic and coveted, Saffron is most known for the expensive culinary spice of the same name but makes for a pretty cute quirky name too. Image: Getty.


Spring: The symbolic time of new beginnings, Spring also makes for a sweet name for the new life that has just begun. Image: Getty.


Sugar: Predicting a sweet nature in your newest addition? It doesn’t get much sweeter – and cuter – than Sugar! Image: Getty.


Uma: You might think of Uma Thurman straight away, but there is no doubt that her parents took inpsiration from the Hindu Goddess of the same name. Image: Getty.


Zelda: Looking for a unique name for your baby that symbolises strength? Zelda has that covered with German origins meaning “woman warrior.” Image: Getty.


Zephyr: A great unisex name, Zephyr derives from Zephyrus, the Greek god of the West Wind and summer breeze. Image: Getty.


Ajax: A strong name with Greek origins meaning “of the earth”, your little Ajax is likely to be the only one in the schoolyard with that name. Image: Getty.


Balthazar: You might know this name from actor, Balthazar Getty, whose parents likely looked to Greek history where it has it’s origin meaning “Baal protects the King”. Image: Getty.


Bodhi: A lovely name for a life of mindfulness, Bodhi is of Sanskrit origin meaning “awakening, enlightenment”. Image: Getty.


Cornell: Most commonly a surname, Cornell is the perfect name for fans of nineties music, particularly those who loved the late, great Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. Image: Getty.


Cub: The name used for the young of many in the animal kingdom, this could be the perfect unique and quirky name for your own little cub. Image: Getty.


Escher: A German surname, meaning one who lived near an ash tree or grove Escher is perhaps best know for the mind-bending artist, M.C. Escher. Image: Getty.


Fender: A name for the musically inclined, Fender takes inspiration from the guitar and amp brand of the same name and is a great name for your little rocker. Image: Getty.


Hawthorne: Are you looking a unique name for your little hipster baby? If so, Hawthorne has so much great meaning. Hawthorn is a shrub said to be used by the ancient Greeks in weddings with properties thought to heal heartbreak. Image: Getty.


Hopper: Sean and Robin Wright Penn chose this name for their son to honour their friend, actor Dennis Hopper and we think it’s a great, strong name that you won’t see too many places. Image: Getty.


Kahlo: The surname of prominent painter, Frida Kahlo, this name screams strength and sass. Image: Getty.


Kai: With origins everywhere from Scotland, to Greece and Hawaii Kai is a great light and breezy name, and it’s pretty cool too, right?! Image: Getty.


Leif: The name Leif might sound like it’s about nature, but it has Scandinavian origins meaning “heir, descendant”. Image: Getty.


Maverick: Traditionally a surname, Maverick has connotations of a rebel, who beats to the sound of his own drum. Image: Getty.


Moss: Earthy and rich, Moss is of English origin meaning “descendant of Moses”. Image: Getty.


Oberyn: Game of Thrones fans will like this one, thanks to character Oberyn Martell, from the kingdom of Westeros. Image: Getty.


Rhaegar: Another name for Game of Thrones fans, Rhaegar Targaryen is one of the most glamorous, noble characters in the books by George R.R. Martin. Image: Getty.


Rocket: This was not really a consideration as a name until Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington named their son Rocket Zot, and now we’re all for it! Image: Getty.


Thor: Chris Hemsworth put this name on the map for his portrayal of Thor, the powerful name of the Norse god of thunder, strength and rain. Image: Getty.


Woodrow: You can shorten this strong name to Woody and that’s about all I need to say to sell it because HOW CUTE is that?! Image: Getty.


Wolfie: There’s a royal link to this name via Princess Beatrice’s boyfriend Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi who used it for his son from a previous relationship. Image: Getty.

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