These are set to be the most popular baby names of 2019

Royal fever is having a big influence in 2019.
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Naming your baby – is there a bigger decision you’ll ever make for another person? Traditionally the top choices each year for Aussie monikers don’t shift around too much, the same names often pop up on the lists, with a new entry every now and then.

Despite the growing trend for parents to come up with original, unique names, the latest data from Aussie parents suggests that in 2019 we’ll see a nod to more traditional names of the past.

Parenting website Stay At Home Mum, annually gathers data from over 900,000 Australian parents to gauge some idea of what the trends will be in the near future. Their top 40 offers some surprises, not the least of which is the fact that Charlotte has been bumped from the top!

That dropping of Charlotte is perhaps even more surprising due to the royal fever that swept the nation in 2018. Never fear though, Louis has made an appearance, alongside other royally inspired name choices, as you might expect.

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Aiden Irish in heritage, Aiden means ‘firey’ or ‘little fire’. Image: Getty Images.

Arabella A sweet baby girls name of Latin origin, Arabella means ‘yielding to prayer’. Image: Getty Images.

Atticus The Latin origin of Atticus is ‘of Attica’. The most famed Atticus, is To Kill a Mockingbird character, Atticus Finch. Image: Getty Images.

Ariana With Greek and Persian backgrounds, Arian is thought to come from the Latin Ariadne, meaning ‘most holy’. Image: Getty Images.

Avery An English name which has French origins and is thoughto mean ‘elf like’. Image: Getty Images.

Aubrey A great name for both sexes, Aubrey has German origins and is thought to mean ‘elf ruler’. Image: Getty Images.

Branson With origins in England, Germany and France, Branson is thought to mean ‘son of Brandon’. Image: Getty Images.

Aurora Aurora was the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn. Image: Getty Images.

Bryson With English origins, Bryson is thought to mean ‘noble’s son’ or ‘son of Bryce’. Image: Getty Images.

Charlie Another great name for either boys or girls, Charlie – short for Charles or Charlotte. Image: Getty Images.

Clara A sweet name with Latin origins meaning ‘bright’ or ‘clear’. Image: Getty Images.

Chase A popular name in America, believed to have come from English origins and meaning ‘from the hunting ground’ or ‘huntsman’. Image: Getty Images.

Cora This sweet name has Greek origin and is believed to come from the Greek word ‘kore’ which means ‘Maiden’. Image: Getty Images.

Felix The Latin meaning of Felix is said to mean ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate’. Image: Getty Images.

Danica With Slavic and Latin origins, Danica is said to mean ‘morning star’. Image: Getty Images.

Finley A fine Scottish name, said to mean ‘fair warrior’. Image: Getty Images.

Evelyn A gorgeous name with French origins meaning ‘hazelnut’. How cute is that?! Image: Getty Images.

Grayson Said to mean ‘son of a grey-haired one’ this English heritage name is sure to fit many a boy born in 2019! Image: Getty Images.

Everleigh Another great name for either gender, this English origin name is sure sweet. Image: Getty Images.

Hunter With English origins, the meaning of this name is no surprise. Meaning Hunter or Pursuer, this is a name common for both genders. Image: Getty Images.

Hadley Meaning ‘hether meadow’, Hadley is a popular name for boys and girls. Image: Getty Images.

Landon Meaning ‘long hill’ or ‘ridge’ in it’s English origins, Landon is set to be a hugely popular name in 2019. Image: Getty Images.

Harper David and Victoria Beckham chose this sweet English name for their only daughter. It means ‘harpist’ or ‘minstrel’. Image: Getty Images.

Liam An Irish name, Liam comes from the name ‘William’. Image: Getty Images.

Kennedy A great unisex name, this Celtic moniker for ‘helmeted head’. Image: Getty Images.

Louis Meaning ‘renowned warrior’ this name is sure to be popular n 2019 after a certain little Royal made his entrance into the world in 2018! Image: Getty Images.

Layla This Arabi origin name means ‘intoxication’. Image: Getty Images.

Orson With Latin origins, Orson is said to mean ‘bear’. Image: Getty Images.

Lila With Arabic, Hindi and Persian origins, this exotic name is said to mean ‘night’. Image: Getty Images.

Quinn A sweet Gaelic name for wise old souls, the name means ‘counsel’. Image: Getty Images.

Luna Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chose this name for the eldest child. With Italian origins, Luna mean ‘moon’. Image: Getty Images.

Sawyer A Celtic name meaning ‘cuts timber’. Image: Getty Images.

Mila Meaning ‘friendly’, ‘soft’ or ‘pleasant’ Mila comes from Greek origins. Image: Getty Images.

Sebastian With Latin origins, Sebastian means ‘venerable’ or ‘revered’. Image: Getty Images.

Pearl A name with English origin named for the oldest known gem. Image: Getty Images.

Silas Meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest’ this English origin name is the one chosen by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for their son. Image: Getty Images.

Perstephanie A Greek name meaning ‘wife of Hades’. Image: Getty Images.

Theodore Meaning ‘gift of God’, this Greek origin name can be shortened to ‘Teddy’ which is the cutest name ever, right?! Image: Getty Images.

Reign Another name with a nod to the Royals, Reign means ‘royal’ or ‘ruler’. Image: Getty Images.

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