“Crying in pain”: Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich’s daughter Elle is rushed to hospital

She's on the mend!
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Tim Robards has revealed his and Anna Heinrich’s daughter Elle was taken to hospital after suffering a nasty wrist injury.

The Bachelor fan-favourite took to Instagram on Tuesday night to share photos of himself and Elle, 18 months, in an X-ray room.

“One of the hardest parts of parenthood is seeing your child in pain,” Tim said.

Elle was taken to hospital with a possible sprained wrist.

(Image: Instagram)

“Poor little thing hurt her wrist at some stage and although she’s pretty tough the pain was getting too much so Daddy donned the lead skirt to protect his next potential child,” he quipped.

“We got a little X-ray which seemed all good so hoping it’s just a sprain.”

The former Neighbours star praised little Elle for her resilience throughout the daunting situation.

“She’s such a trooper, crying in pain at times with movement but then she’s quick to put me at ease and tell me she’s ‘happy’… ‘happy Daddy’,” he penned.

“Hats off to those parents who have to deal with bigger things than a potential sprained wrist ❤️”

“She’s such a trooper.”

(Image: Instagram)

Tim also shared photos of Elle with a bandage wrapped around her right wrist while watching TV back at home after their visit to the hospital.

“😢😢😢😢,” Elle’s mum Anna commented under Tim’s post.

Earlier this month, Tim and Anna opened up to our sister site WHO about how they are still adapting to parenthood.

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“You’ve just got to expect the unexpected,” Anna said. “You will never know what having a child is like until you’ve had one.”

“You’ve got to take it one day at a time… You don’t know when they’re gonna wake up sick or, or how they’re gonna be feeling every day.”

“It’s about being like water to the container, you know, just being able to adapt to anything thrown your way,” Tim added.

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