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Tim Robards hospitalised after suffering a life changing injury while working out on a footy field

''So now it’s crutches and a leg brace.''

By Faye Couros
Tim Robards was admitted to hospital after injuring his leg while working out on a footy field.
The 39-year-old took to his Instagram to share a slew of pictures from his stay, including a close-up of his leg brace.
In his caption, he explained to fans what happened and the gnarly details of his injury, which impacts his ability to walk and run.
"In a moment of what can only be described as pure glory… I was dashing down the footy field in glorious full flight ✈️… about to score… and then RIP…," he began his story.
Despite hurting himself, Tim was in good spirits. Instagram
"A part of me that had been a part of me for 39 years was no longer… a part of me hehe…So long story short, I had to have that muscle reattached (rec fem) so I can walk/run again properly."
Tim has always lived an active lifestyle and practices safe exercise habits but on this fateful day he believes he didn't spend enough time preparing for his workout, which inevitably led to his injury.
"I'm normally really good with my warm-ups but this time life got in the way, and a few rushed leg swings and high knees just didn't cut it (note to future self)," he shared.
Despite a long road filled with leg braces, crutches, and rehab ahead of him, the former Bachelor has vowed to make a full recovery.
Even insisting on coming back better than ever!
"So now it's crutches and a leg brace for me for the next month or so whilst I rehab and get in the best shape of my life approaching 40.
"A part of me that had been a part of me for 39 years was no longer… a part of me hehe…" Instagram
"Thanks 🙏🏼 to the wonderful staff and Doc who looked after me and put me back together! 😊 You know who you are ❤️," he graciously wrote.
Tim's wife, Anna Heinrich and mother to his daughter Elle, commented, "I'll look after you. Xxx."
He sweetly replied, "@annaheinrich1 ❤️❤️❤️ my nurse 👩‍⚕️."
In December 2021, during a family vacation, Tim documented a massage he received to treat a muscle he tore in his hip.
He explained how he sustained the injury alongside a picture from his treatment on his Instagram.
Tim getting a massage while on holiday to treat a hip injury. Instagram
"I was on the mend 🤕 a week after tearing a muscle sprinting and then 2 nights ago a tore it further jumping to catch Elle falling off a chair…. I was the one who ended up whinging on the ground after hearing another 'pop'… not sure how much more of this muscle is in tact… (it's actually my hip flexor not my hammy here)," he explained.
"A little setback but here comes the rehab… I was really enjoying getting back to touch footy but I was becoming the weekend warrior I've been treating all these years. Very important to keep up the spring conditioning midweek…"