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Former Bachelorette Becky Miles captures her sister Elly Miles’ overjoyed reaction to her pregnancy

''Are you serious?''

By Faye Couros
Former Bachelorette and mum-to-be Becky Miles has shared a video of her family and friends reacting to her pregnancy news.
The 31-year-old uploaded the adorable footage to her Instagram, which began with her family member Jessie's initially concerned reaction.
Sitting on a couch with her partner James Bevitron filming, Becky declares, "We have got some news," and Jessie nervously says, "Oh, okay."
"I'm pregnant," gushes the mum-to-be, and Jessie quickly covers her mouth and asks, "Are you serious?"
Her overjoyed reaction is totally precious, and in a high pitch voice, she praises the couple by exclaiming, "Oh, that's so cool! Oh my goodness!"
"Guess how far along I am?" asks Becky. "12 weeks."
Visibly shocked, Jessie questions, "Oh, is this something from Nan and Pop?"
The girls continue to laugh and cry while they share a hug.
Of course, nothing beats her sister and former co-Bachelorette Elly Miles' reaction.
The reality star is opening a letter she thinks is from her grandparents, but when she opens it up, Elly says, "What the f---, oh my god."
She reclines back onto her couch while laughing and looking at the front of the card.
But when she fully clocks on, she throws it, covers her face, and looks at her sister through the gaps in her fingers. Then, after a couple of seconds, she screams, "oh my god, what the f---, oh my god."
Becky announced her pregnancy news last week. Instagram
In shock, she covers her face and visibly cries with joy while her concerned dog sits by her side.
Lastly, Becky gave her friend a Christmas card that revealed her news, and when she read "Beck and Marty have a bubba on the way" out loud for their other friends to hear, they all began to laugh with absolute shock on their faces.
"Are you being for real," asks the friend, "Oh, is this why you're drinking non-alcoholic wine?"
Alongside the video, Becky wrote in her caption how happy she was to experience their wholesome reactions, and even though she couldn't tell her parents in person, she will share their video call reaction soon.
"I'M SO HAPPY WE GOT THIS ON 🎥 !!! Some of the best reactions to announcing our pregnancy to family & friends 🥰 - a whole lotta love, shock & OMGs!!!
Elly's wholesome reaction to her sister's pregnancy news was caught on tape! Instagram
"I absolutely loved telling all my loved ones - it has been such a beautiful surprise to share. We really wanted to do it in person if we could (you should see the video with mum & dad - I'll share later, it needs its own video 😉💗) - it made it all so much more personal & special," she wrote.
Becky also asked her followers to reveal which reaction they enjoyed the most and admitted Jessie's was her favourite.
"I personally thought Jessie's (no 1) was so good - she was SO concerned at the start 😂😂💗 they're all SO special!," she shared.
The joyous post comes a day after Becky took Instagram to share her fears over getting COVID while expecting, telling her followers she's awaiting the results of a PCR test after falling ill.
"It's either COVID, or I've got some sort of other virus. It really hit me yesterday, last night and this morning," she said.
"I absolutely loved telling all my loved ones." Instagram
"Just aches, pains, hot and cold, sore throat, headaches, nasal drip. It's all in my head. I don't feel like doing anything so I've been sitting here on the couch had a nap.
"It's a little bit of a worry, especially being pregnant, I was really hoping to avoid it."