Sam Wood’s cheeky photo with his young daughter has divided the internet

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In a world where Instagram feeds are saturated with posts that spark reactions – good and bad – it seems unlikely that an image could still manage to surprise us.

But here to prove the theory all wrong is Bachelor alum Sam Wood, who posted a very questionable picture with his young daughter over the weekend that left many scratching their heads.

After a lavish weekend away in Port Douglas that we were no strangers to – the content coming from the Wood-clan was hot on our feeds all weekend – the former Bachelor, shared a picture that divided the internet – and not because of the shameless commercial plug.

Prepare yourselves for this one!

Sam is seen in the picture holding 1-year-old daughter Willow’s hand. And both are completely, and entirely naked.

Yep – full nude, Roman painting style. And the internet has… feelings.

The photo has amassed hundreds of comments. (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)

Voicing an opinion that was clearly shared by the masses, a follower wrote: Seriously???? Why???” – a comment which racked up more than 70 likes.

Another voiced their concern over what people close to Sam, who is also a step-dad to 13-year-old Eve, and his young family might think.

“Cool so now his teenage daughter and potentially her friends if they follow him r gonna see his ass lol imagine if that was our dad,” wrote one.

“This is confronting for a Sunday,” wrote another.

Some however, were a little less confronted by the whole thing.

“Well this is delightful 😂❤️,” wrote one fan.

Another said: “Oh I hope I see this attraction when I visit Port Douglas.”

Meanwhile, another reasoned: “I came here to read all the comments from the fun police. Oh god you just can’t breath anymore. The world has gone mad. This is a beautiful but funny pic I love it. He is an amazing father for both girls!!!”

The internet was divided on the questionable picture posted by Sam. (Image: Instagram / @snezanawood)

Sam and his wife Snezana Wood are no strangers to Instagram, often sharing milestone moments as well as their day-to-day lives with their mass followings of over 250,000 each.

Snez and Sam, who are expecting their second child this year, even announced their pregnancy via their Instagram story earlier this year.

“I know that a lot of people do beautiful reveals of baby genders… and they’re having a baby… Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s super, super cute. And maybe because this is number three, we’re not going to as much effort anymore. So this is our reveal,” Sam explained in a candid home video.

Panning to Snez, who was hiding out in the pantry, Sam continued.

“When she’s pregnant, all she eats is breakfast cereal… Coco Pops, Corn Flakes,” the former Bachelor quipped, before adding: “We are very excited to announce in this very weird way on Insta story, that we are having another baby!”

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The pair couldn’t look more excited for their new arrival. Sharing a series of pictures on their babymoon in Port Douglas over the weekend, Sam and Snez had us hooked.

From a lavish date night, to wildlife enclosures, to laying poolside, there’s no denying the Woods went all out for their pre-baby vacay.

Bump alert! Snez and Sam couldn’t look more excited to welcome their second child together. (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)

Some interesting creepy crawlies had Willow hooked. (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)

Too cute! The father and daughter duo had some sweet bonding time in the pool. (Image: Instagram / @samjameswood)

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