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The Bachelor's Sam and Snez just revealed their new baby's gender and it's a...!

Okay, now we're really excited for them!

By Jess Pullar
Just when you thought The Bachelor dream couple Sam and Snezana Wood couldn't be any cuter together, they go and do this.
In a moment that has captured our beating hearts, the pair have just revealed the gender of their unborn baby, and we cannot stop watching!
Bachie couple Sam and Snez have revealed the gender of their new baby in the sweetest way. (Image: Instagram)
Proud mum-of-two Snez shared the news on Instagram in a video with Sam and their one-year-old daughter Willow, as well as Snez's eldest child Eve, 13.
"Hi guys, time for a little reveal, our little baby is...," she wrote.
And thus ensues pure happiness, as the family, who are seen initially in black and white in the video burst into full glorious pinked-out colour.
A girl! Watch the sweet moment below:
The family of four announced the exciting news of another addition earlier this month when eagle eyed fans spotted Snez's baby bump in an Instagram photo.
Using the slightly less traditional route of revealing the news on an Instagram story, Sam explained: "I know that a lot of people do beautiful reveals of baby genders... and they're having a baby... Don't get me wrong, I think that's super, super cute. And maybe because this is number three, we're not going to as much effort anymore. So this is our reveal..."
Then panning the camera to Snez who looked rather excited, Sam went on: "When she's pregnant, all she eats is breakfast cereal... Coco Pops, Corn Flakes," the former Bachelor quipped, before adding: "We are very excited to announce in this very weird way on Insta story, that we are having another baby!"
And while the big reveal stole our hearts, it looks like the pair decided to go all out when it came to the gender reveal.
Eve and Willow will welcome a new baby sister! (Image: Instagram)
The pair, who met on the third season of The Bachelor in 2015, have gone from strength to strength in their relationship.
Snez and her daughter Eve, who Sam has become a proud stepdad to, relocated from Perth to join him in Melbourne.
That same year, Sam popped the question, saying "when you know, you know."
In 2017, the pair welcomed their first daughter Willow together.
And having made things official in a stunning wedding ceremony late last year, these two are well and truly Australia's Bachie sweethearts.
Now bring on the pink clothing shopping - we're pretty sure Snez and her daughters are going to LOVE this!
The Bachelor's golden couple tied the knot in a stunning ceremony last year. (Image: Instagram)
Snez looked radiant on the day as she held baby Willow. (Image: Instagram)

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