Royally exhausted! Prince William caught nodding off during service days after Royal Baby’s birth

All fathers of newborns will be able to relate to Prince William's heavy eyelids!
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Just two days after welcoming his third child, Prince William left his newborn with Duchess Catherine to attend an Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey in London. And while the father-of-three told crowds their newborn is sleeping “reasonably well”, it seems the Prince could do with a little more shut-eye after he was caught nodding off during the service.

Sitting alongside his future sister-in-law Meghan Markle and his brother Prince Harry, the Prince was spotted struggling to keep his eyes open during the ceremony and even drifting off a couple of times before waking himself up with numerous blinks. Watch the video above to see Wills doing his very best to stay awake during the service.

Newborn life! Prince William nodded off a few times during the Anzac Day service.

The new dad-of-three woke himself up blinking and trying to remain focused.

Someone get the Prince a coffee!

With Kate’s mum, Carole Middleton, reporting to Kensington Palace for Grandmother duties, William was able to step out for the day. However, surely even a Prince deserves paternity leave! Despite the amount of help the royal couple would have access to, by the looks of Wills’ heavy eyelids, the parents are doing most of the work themselves.

Despite spending precious time away from his new bundle of joy, Wills appeared in good spirits, albeit exhausted, at the afternoon service. He was at one point pictured as he stopped to greet his future sister-in-law Meghan Markle who appeared slightly concerned for the Prince.

Meghan showed concern for her future brother-in-law who was clearly exhausted after two days at home with his newborn.

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While speaking to guests at the sombre event, William seemed to drop a pretty major hint about his newborn son’s name.

After someone in the crowd suggested the little prince’s name could be Alexander, William replied: “Funny you should say that.”

Alexander is, of course, big brother Prince George’s middle name. The four-year-old prince’s full name is George Alexander Louis. It’s understood his name was chosen to honor Queen Elizabeth, whose middle name is Alexandra. Prince Philip’s grandfather was also named Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg.

With that in mind, the classic and history-laden name could be a serious contender!

Now that Anzac Day has passed, we expect the couple to reveal their new son’s name any day.

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